Gluten Free OrgraN all purpose plain flour

I have no affiliation with Orgran, they do not support or promote my blog, I buy all their products in supermarket and use some of them in my recipes.


This was one of the first posts I wrote for this blog. During six months I have discovered many new products, but Orgran gluten free all purpose plain flour is still the product I buy and use on regular basis.27.7.2014

This post is not in any way a review of several gluten-free all purpose plain flours and description of which flour is the best flour in my opinion. Historically, it happened that I started to use this flour as the first widely available, after I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 14 years ago. Since then I tried some different mixes, but I always returned to this particular flour for many reasons. First of all, I would like to mention that not that many mixes that substitute wheat flour, are also soy free. I could not tolerate soy flour as well, and in early days of diagnosis could not tolerate any pea and bean flours, because of the damage to my digestive tract. Since those early days, the natural repair to the digestive system took place and I can eat beans and peas in any form, but not soy. So, OrgraN all purpose flour was an excellent choice for me. I successfully use this flour on its own for crepes, buttermilk pancakes, for making a dough for ravioli and dumplings and for making quick “puff” pastry for Napoleon. I also use this flour as 1/3 part in the mix with fine rice flour in sweet pastry for tart shells and biscuits and occasionally in a mix with almond meals to make a cake practically without any flour, but not too heavy with just almond meals alone.


The dough for ravioli is delicate and cannot be stretched without breaking. It is necessary to provide generous dusting when rolling the dough. I keep the dough in a slightly wet towel. Finished product can be frozen, but the dough can break. Frozen ravioli must be kept in a container with a tight lid. I usually boil ravioli in a low pan in one layer to avoid any damage. The taste, however, is very nice. I do not make the dough too dry. I see only one imperfection. This dough cannot be rolled too thin.


The easiest pastry made with gluten-free all purpose plain flour is a sweet pastry for biscuits and tarts. I use the mix of 2 parts of fine rice flour and 1 part of all purpose flour. Rice flour gives the crunch to the final product and all purpose flour makes the pastry easier to work with and less crumbly. The difference from wheat pastry is that I do not put the pastry to cool in the fridge.


It is actually better to have the pastry normal room temperature. When cold it breaks more easily. In my personal experience gluten free OrgraN all purpose plain flour is versatile enough to make perfect pastries and dough. It takes patience and experience, but amazing results could be achieved. I use this pastry to make different types of biscuits plain, with jam, rolled with dry fruits and nuts.

I also use this pastry to bake frangipane tarts with different fruits and berries, as well as shells individual tarts.


Another type of sweet gluten free dough made with Orgran all purpose flour as the main ingredient is the dough for Napoleon pastry. Puff pastry is used in the authentic Napoleon cake recipe. However, I have created a recipe, using all purpose OrgraN flour to make quick puff pastry which does not have as many separated layers, but in the cake fulfils all the functions of the puff pasty, does not absorb the moisture from pastry cream and keeps its crunch. Napoleon dough is easy to make and roll very thin. I do it directly on baking paper and put baking paper with rolled pastry on the tray to bake.


I also use Napoleon dough to make other cakes and pastries. This dough is suited well to make strudels, which can be made with different fillings.


Recently I have started to use this pastry to make gluten free biscuits, individual tart shells and shells for other cream pastries. The dough contains less sugar, makes less crumbly pastry which does not go soggy even with runny cream fillings.


In conclusion I want to say, that I mainly use OrgraN all purpose flour to make shortcrust dough and quick puff dough. They are both very reliable and can be made in both sweet and savoury option.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free OrgraN all purpose plain flour

    1. I haven’t published many recipes with this flour as I use now more individual gluten free flours or Well and Good plain or self-raising gluten free flour. You can find recipes from recipes list from the main menu.

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