Gluten Free Chia, Linseed and Sunflower Bread Mix by Well and Good

Chia, Linseed and Sunflower Bread Mix is gluten, and also dairy and nut free bread mix, manufactured in Australia by WELL&GOOD, the company dedicated to create products free from common allergens, gluten among others. Some of their products originally attracted my attention because they were soy free, which now is not a common occurrence in flour, pancake and bread mixes. After my first, very positive experience with  WELL&GOOD pastry flour, in both pasta and biscuit dough, I decided to try their bread mixes.  I baked Chia, Linseed and Sunflower Bread twice, and I am glad to report the results.


Ingredients: from the box

Corn starch, rice flour, sunflower kernels (6.6%), modified starch (tapioca, corn), thickeners (466, 464, 461), iodised salt, linseed (2,2%), chia flour (2.2%), dextrose monohydrate, psyllium husk, vegetable gum (xanthan), vegetable fibre, vegetable protein extract, vegetable oil (rice bran), emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids). Made in Australia from imported and local ingredients.

The box contained 3 sachets,  bread mix itself, yeast and separate flour sachet for dusting.


Instructions on the box are step by step and very clear. They also contain several valuable and helpful tips for baking and freezing. The instructions are very easy to follow. I have to mention, that I made 2 small mistakes during my first bake – added 10 ml more water than needed, and used temperature for baking 10 degrees lower compared to the instruction. I also made big mistake during the second bake – did not dissolve yeast in the water and added it dry to the mix.  Considering the mistakes I made, the process appeared to be very flexible and forgiving. I had absolutely perfect loaf and bread rolls both times. I used maximum times from the instruction for the first and second “prove” and baking.


Both times I made one long loaf and, either 5 small round bread rolls, or 3 medium rolls of different shape. The long loaf was larger in size, compared to three bread sticks, recommended in the instruction. I wanted to check baking times for different shapes and sizes. Everything worked well. I did not encounter any problems to report.


Here I am doing to allow myself to lose any restrains and express my personal opinion very simply. This is one the three equally best breads I ever had in my life! I am not talking about best gluten free bread. I am talking about bread in general. I include all other different breads, I had an exposure to in Australia and in Europe in my pre-coeliac times. This bread can be favourably compared to the best artisan breads I had. The bread has a proper crust, with a bite to it. The middle is soft with a wonderful chewy texture. It is so delicious, both warm from the oven, and later cold, that you do not need to top it with anything, to enjoy it. I patiently waited for the bread to cool down. I wanted  finally to have proper bread, freshly baked, indulgently with butter, which I never allowed myself to dream of. So, I had it! The most surprising thing was, that even butter, or jam, or my favourite cheese, just distracted from wonderful mouthful this bread gave me.


Coming back to my senses and getting back to the business of writing a review, I have to say, that hard crust helped to slice bread even warm and in thin slices. This bread kept the texture and taste intact after freezing and defrosting. I can’t decide  is this bread better fresh or as a toast. Both are addictive. Long bread rolls are perfect with any filling for lunch or snack.


I took one with cheese and egg with me, when I was not sure that I would be able to get my lunch on the go. The bread was still perfect after several hours in a bag. Long bread rolls can also be very handy in making canapés for parties and special occasions. One long bread roll was enough for 8 canapés. This bread will be perfect for cured salmon, soft cheeses, any pate. I am sure croutons from this bread will go beautifully with any soup.



From the box of Chia, Linseed and Sunflower Bread Mix I had 750g worth of bread, including 3 medium size rolls and long loaf. I had 24 thin slices from the loaf I made. The bread was easy to make, I have no adequate words for its taste, it is obviously good value for money, it has a flexibility for baking different shapes and sizes. Different seeds can be used to top the bread. I did not try, but different fillings can be used to bake savoury rolls.


To get some “balance” into this review, I can only suggest to show fibre content in the table of Nutritional Information on the box. The only problem I see for myself now, is to get somehow my motivation to review other bread mixes. I have a list to go through.

Thank you WELL&GOOD from me personally. I completely forgot that I am coeliac.

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