Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffles

These indulgent, rich dark chocolate truffles I make only two times a year. Once for Christmas, including as presents, and second time for my husband’s birthday.


This is one of the recipes where the final product will be as good as all the ingredients are. I buy the best possible ingredients available: pure thick/double/heavy cream, dark chocolate min 55% cacao, but I use 75%-85% cacao, French butter and Calvados. Essentially it is classic ganache recipe.


  • 200 ml pure cream 45% fat, check the labels that there is only one ingredient and no gelatine or any other thickeners
  • 466 g gluten free dark, good quality chocolate 65-75% cacao
  • 40 g unsalted butter
  • 1 desert spoon of Calvados (Muscat can be used, check that alcohol is gluten free)
  • pure cacao powder for dusting


  • chop chocolate in a bowl
  • place cream and butter in a small pan and bring it to boil
  • pour the mixture over chocolate and stir until all chocolate pieces are dissolved and the mixture is smooth. Warm the bowl over boiling water if necessary
  • add Calvados and stir
  • let ganache slowly cool until set at room temperature (2-3hours), do no stir, it might be necessary to put ganache into the fridge in the very end, to make it firmer and easier to work with, if the day is hot
  • working with 2 teaspoons make a rough ball and drop it into cacao powder (the first coating)
  • cover the ball with cacao powder and roll better shaped ball with your palms
  • place truffles on aluminium foil
  • shape truffles for the second time to make even shapes
  • prepare paper cases for truffles
  • roll truffles for the second time to get perfect second coating, place each truffle in paper case
  • arrange truffles in boxes, or storage containers and keep them in the fridge before use. If in chocolate boxes, put the box in plastic locked bag to preserve freshness. I make my truffles 2-3 weeks ahead.


From the quantity of ingredients above you will get 55-60 medium size truffles. These truffles are best consumed at room temperature. They are smooth, delicately soft and simply melt and disappear in your mouth. They are rich and have a balance of bitter and sweet flavours. They are just decadent, strong black coffee with a truffle is an indulgent treat. I am not a chocolate lover and addict, like my husband, but I do enjoy these truffles. It is a great fun and pleasure to make truffles and even greater pleasure to see people rolling and closing their eyes when having a truffle.


You can incorporate any chopped nuts at the stage of making ganache. If the chocolate you use has a plain flavour, add vanilla paste. I occasionally incorporate finely ground homemade dry candied orange peel at the stage of first coating. I also add 1 tea spoon of orange syrup left from making orange chocolates to give truffles some hint of orange flavour.

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