Healthy Omelettes

Eggs dishes in general, and omelettes in particular, are very convenient and easy option for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Depending on the number of eggs, type and quantity of extras with, or without bread, omelette recipes can be adjusted to any taste and eating plan.


Ingredients: omelette for one

  • 2  eggs
  • 2 table spoons of low fat milk (replaced with water for Paleo version)
  • salt to season
  • oil or butter to brush the pan (and to cook mushrooms)

Fillings in omelettes shown in this post

  • bunch of asparagus
  • 7-8 mushrooms


  • brush cold pan with oil of butter  (for best results I use pan for crepes)
  • lightly beat eggs with milk using fork, add salt or any other seasoning mix
  • steam asparagus for 3-4 min, do not overcook asparagus
  • alternatively lightly cook mushrooms in butter, add salt to taste
  • pour the omelette mix on a cold pan and cook the omelette on low heat, until nearly set
  • put the filling on top, cover the filling with part of the omelette and slide it on prepared plate
  • garnish asparagus omelette with red chili peppers and garlic paste (or any other sauce you like) and mushroom omelette with herbs.


High protein content and nutritional value of eggs, with all necessary nutrients, make omelettes a perfect option for high protein eating plans, widely used to kick-start weight reduction programmes. Lightly cooked mushrooms, lean meat or smoked salmon make  omelettes with these fillings high protein and very low carb meals. In more nutritionally balanced omelettes,  any vegetable fillings or side dishes can be used: asparagus, tomatoes, roasted eggplant, zucchini, capsicum as well as fresh salad to name a few.


To widen the variety of fillings with more traditional extras, bacon, sausages, ham can also be used with omelettes. However, special care have to be exercised to check for gluten in sausages and smallgoods. Any omelette can be served on gluten free bread.  Finally, very thin omelettes made from one egg, can be successfully used as wraps with wide variety of ingredients. Using cold pan to pour egg mix and slow cooking, makes it easier to avoid burning the omelette bottom, while the top is not cooked yet. It also makes it easier to get omelette from the pan and have nice presentation.

If you are not a big fan of omelettes (me included), and like your eggs scrambled or pouched, all above said about fillings and variations applies. Nothing beats the soft and runny texture of scrambles eggs for me, and the moment, when egg yolk slowly oozes from a poached egg, for my husband.

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