Gluten Free Orange Chocolates

It’s time to make chocolates. I restrain myself to make chocolates 2 times of the year – before Christmas and Easter. Before Christmas I make chocolates mainly for presents. We have all our birthdays around Easter time, so it is time for special treats again. Recipes for chocolate truffles you can find in earlier post, today  is the time for juicy orange slices in dark gluten free chocolate.



  • 1 orange with no damage or blemishes to the skin
  • 100 g sugar
  • 200-250 g gluten free dark chocolate, you will have some chocolate left
  • half a tea spoon of grinded pistachios or cashews for decoration (optional)


  • dissolve sugar in 200 ml of water in a pan, larger size pan is beneficial to spread orange slices evenly
  • thoroughly wash and dry an orange. Cut  an orange in 5 mm slices and cook them in sugar liquid on a very low heat until the peel is translucent. If liquid gets to thick, add water
  • carefully take orange slices from the pan, shake the syrup of and transfer slices to baking paper
  • leave orange slices to cool and dry for at least an hour. You can leave them for 18-24 hours. Before chocolate coating they have to be not too moist on the surface. The secret is to have them dry on the surface, but not let them dry out in the middle


  • melt chocolate in a water bath
  • organise your working place and place bowl with chocolate into a larger bowl with hot water. If chocolate cools fast in a bowl, it is harder to get excess from orange slice and chocolates become very chunky
  • using your fingers or mini tongs dip orange slice in chocolate as deep as you can, keeping the skin side on top
  • gently shake excess of chocolate of and put the slice on the flat tray covered with aluminium foil


  • to speed the process, place the tray in the fridge, or even freezer for 2-3 min
  • after the first coating of chocolate becomes hard, dip the skin side of the slice to have chocolate completely cover orange slice
  • sprinkle with nuts when chocolate is still soft (optional)

Orange slices dipped in chocolate are the easiest chocolates to make. The only problem I faced occasionally,  was the consistency of the melted chocolate, which was too thick and not runny. In that case the layer of chocolate coating was too thick and the balance of juicy orange with chewy peel was completely overtaken by very thick chocolate layer. Originally I used Nestle Dark Chocolate Melts, but they changed ingredients several years ago, and now the chocolate became unmanageable when making orange chocolates. I have discovered that dark cooking chocolate from Aldi melts to very runny consistency and is perfect for this type of chocolates. I improve the taste by adding vanilla to Aldi Chocolate. I have to repeat their warning that chocolate may contain traces of nuts and gluten. It does not have anything containing gluten as an ingredient, but is not labelled as gluten free. I used it three times with no ill effects, but please consider your own circumstances and select gluten free chocolate to avoid any risks.


These chocolates look nice even without second coating, commercially available orange chocolates usually are only half coated, but oranges in them are very dry and the taste is not the same. Store chocolates in a fridge. They become even better after 1-2 weeks of storage, if they survive that long.


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