Home-Cured Salmon

We are spoiled in Australia for good quality salmon products, but nothing beats the taste of home-cured salmon. It only takes 5-10 min to prepare, 18-24 hours to cure, and another 10-15 min to slice, to have your own delicious and healthy salmon.



  • fresh salmon fillet, skin on (adjust fillet size to be consumed within 3-4 days)
  • coarse sea salt
  • sugar
  • black pepper, coarsely ground
  • dill or any other extras optional


  • wash salmon fillet and dry it with paper towel
  • mix sea salt with sugar in proportion 3 table spoons of salt to 1 table spoon of sugar
  • add 1/2 tea spoon of coarse black pepper to salt and sugar mix
  • press both sides of salmon fillet into the mixture, skin side first
  • let both sides to take salt mixture
  • put the fillet on glad wrap (add any extras on top) and cover it completely to make tight parcel


  • put salmon parcel in glass container, put some weight on it, and leave to stand on the bench top for 4-8 hours at room temperature. Salt and sugar will draw liquid from salmon


  • put container into the fridge for the night
  • the next morning uncover salmon fillet, wash it in cold water, and dry it thoroughly
  • remove the skin, I also prefer to remove the middle part of dark grey flesh


  • slice salmon fillet, it is ready to eat


  • keep salmon slices in the fridge in glass container. To prevent oxidation and to keep the taste fresh for longer, cover the surface with glad wrap


I like my salmon slices thick. They go nicely on top of toasted gluten free bread I bake (from Well@Good crusty bread mix).


I often make quinoa, cottage cheese and flaxseed meal mini pancakes, which I serve with cured salmon on sour cream, horseradish and dill sauce.


Salmon keeps the taste for 5-6 days, after that the taste changes, and fish oil flavour becomes noticeable. You can freeze individually wrapped portions and defrost them once, without the loss of taste and texture. Cured salmon with no-fat cottage cheese on quinoa galette gives delicious balance of fresh flavours for high protein start of the day.



4 thoughts on “Home-Cured Salmon

  1. Hi, thank you for this recipe. Up until now I had followed another which was much higher in sugar content (🙄). I have a question: can the skin be removed before curing or is it essential that it stay on the fillet until serving time?

      1. It is interesting that though the recipe uses sugar, cured salmon was tolerated well without any problems by 2 of our friends who can’t tolerate any sugar, refined or natural, in their food.

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