Gluten Free Biscuits – Pastry Variation

I was very impressed by Well@Good gluten free pastry flour when I used it to make dough for Genovesi pastry. So, I decided to try this flour again, making variety of gluten free sweet biscuits. I usually make them using the mix of two flours: McKenzie’s rice flour and Orgran gluten free all purpose plain flour. The recipe you can find here.


Quantity of ingredients in sweet pastry recipe for biscuits is slightly different, when using Well@Good gluten free pastry flour, instead of Orgran gluten free all purpose plain flour.


  • 100 g  unsalted butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 130 g sugar
  • 200 g fine rice flour (I use McKenzie’s)
  • 140 g Well@Good gluten free pastry flour
  • pinch of salt
  • lemon zest or vanilla optional

I have discovered lately, that adding vanilla paste or vanilla extract, does very little to flavour pastry. These products work much better when making cremes. So, I started to use vanilla sugar, instead of vanilla paste, when making sweet dough. I simply replace 10 g of regular sugar in the recipe for 10 g vanilla sugar. In the original page, I have already described how to make variety of gluten free biscuits. The only new ones, introduced here, are mixed peel mini-strudels.

Preparation of mixed peel mini-strudels:

  • dust the surface with Well@Good pastry flour
  • roll sweet pastry 2 mm thin, in 15 cm height and 30 cm long sheets(approximately)
  • apply very thin layer of thick (not runny) jam or marmalade, leaving 2 cm from the  top and bottom without jam.  I use thick Morello Cherry syrup, made by reducing canned Morello Cherries natural juices without adding sugar.
  • spread the layer of finely chopped mixed peel on top of jam (any good quality mixed citrus peel will do, make sure that it is finely chopped)
  • carefully roll mini-strudel and cut individual pieces 2.5cm long
  • bake individual mini-strudels either on their bottom, or their side on baking paper, as other biscuits (170 degrees fan-forced oven). Some jams or marmalades might get burned, if runny and not thick enough.


The above recipe is perfect for gluten free biscuits, where pastry has to be rolled or bended. Biscuits, made according to this recipe, are softer and not as crunchy, as in the originally published recipe with Orgran flour. For dry and crunchy biscuits, I will use Orgran plain flour as second flour, while for sophisticated jam biscuits, or mini-strudels, I will use Well@Good pastry flour in a mix with rice flour. Biscuits will be softer, more buttery and crumbly, and will keep moisture.


The dough made from this flour mix is more flexible and easier to work with. I had no problems rolling and bending the dough, when making jam biscuits or mixed peel mini-strudels.

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