Thick Orange Marmalade and Orange Peel

This recipe was developed to make thick  marmalade using whole oranges, including flesh, juice and skin. There are only 2 ingredients in this recipe: oranges and sugar, no pectin or any other extras.


The thickness of marmalade I make depends on what I am going to use it for. The softer version we use as regular jam, the medium thickness marmalade is perfect for baking jam biscuits. I also make a very thick marmalade, to use in variety of gluten free tarts as an orange layer .

One of the by-products of making this marmalade, is candied orange peel. I use it to decorate cakes or chocolates.


Orange Marmalade

  • 800 g oranges: 400 g pure orange flesh and 400 g diced whole oranges
  • 500-600 g sugar, quantity depends on sugar content in oranges
  • 200 ml water


Depending on orange sweetness and bitterness of orange skin, sugar quantities can seriously differ. Last time I made orange marmalade I used 350g of sugar and 50g of honey for 800g of mixed orange flesh (with skin on and skin off) 

Orange Peel

  • 100 g orange peel (leftovers from preparing 400 g of pure orange flesh from whole oranges)
  • 100 g sugar
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 200 ml water




  • thoroughly wash and dry oranges
  • dice whole oranges in small cubes, use 400 g of diced oranges
  • peel the skin of the second portion of oranges, separate pure flesh
  • use 400g of orange flesh, together with the juices appeared in the process
  • combine both portions of oranges, put them in a pot with thick bottom
  • add water and cook for 30 min, stirring occasionally on medium to low heat
  • add 500 g sugar and cook for another 30 min watching for the bottom avoiding burning.
  • use stick blender to homogenise marmalade. I like coarse texture with small pieces of peel still intact
  • taste for sugar, if marmalade is too bitter, add extra 100 g  sugar


  • I like to finish marmalade in microwave, to get the thickness I want. It is faster and easier to do, avoiding overcooking or burning. I take the first portion of marmalade, I use as normal jam, and cook  the last portion to reduce water content even more. This last portion goes hard when it cools down

25.11.2015 revision of marmalade preparation

I have used slightly different steps to prepare orange marmalade. In short they are:

  • prepare mixed orange flesh
  • pour 200ml of water
  • cook orange flesh on low heat until ready (soft and translucent), time depends on oranges and the thickness of their skin, by the time oranges are cooked there is practically no water left in the pan
  • blend cooked oranges with a stick blender to desired texture
  • add sugar (or sugar + honey)
  • return to low heat, cook for 5-7min constantly stirring 
  • leave to rest and cool completely (can be continued the next day)
  • check the thickness, if necessary repeat cooking for another 5-7min
  • this process was accidental, because I was busy with another tasks in the kitchen that needed my full attention, but as a result this procedure became my favourite as a more practical one and with less chances to burn marmalade
  • I still finished one portion of marmalade in microwave, to get very thick texture I need for some of my baking needs

Orange Peel

I make 2 types of peel.  One type of orange peel is very thin, just a skin taken with vegetable peeler from the whole orange. I use it to decorate chocolates. The second type of peel – thick peel, I prepare removing half of the white under skin and leaving the second half with the skin. I use thick peel to decorate cakes.


  • prepare long strips of thin orange peel and thick peel, cut in shorter, narrow strips
  • in a small pan combine 100 g of both types of orange peel, 100 g sugar and 200 ml water
  • cook very slowly, until little liquid left and it has a consistency of thick syrup
  • if the peel is not cooked because water evaporated too quickly, just add extra water and continue cooking, until both types of peel become translucent

Update 5.10.2016

Sometimes orange skin might have a very bitter taste. In those cases it is necessary to reduce the bitterness. You can soak the peel overnight and discard the water, or, alternatively cook orange peel up to the boiling point once or twice, with changing water. It might be necessary to add extra lemon juice in those cases, when the taste of the peel appears to bland.


Store orange marmalade and peel in glass jars or containers with tight lid.



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