Moist and Juicy Chicken Breast in 10 Minutes

Once you tried this method of cooking chicken breast, it might become your favourite, as it happened in my family. It is simple, fast, needs only salt and pepper, and  makes chicken breast amazingly tasty, moist and juicy.


It can be served on its own as a separate meal on protein days, it can be used as a source of lean protein and served warm in any vegetable, rice or pasta salads, and finally, it is perfect with rice or potato mash with vegetables on the side.


Ingredients: 2 servings as a protein part of the dish, 1+serving as protein only meal 

  • one large skinless chicken breast
  • olive oil for frying, 1-2 teaspoons
  • salt and black pepper for seasoning


  • wash chicken breast and dry it with a paper towel
  • slice chicken breast in 1 cm slices diagonally
  • with a flat side of meat tenderiser flatten chicken breast pieces very thin
  • season flatten pieces with salt and ground black pepper on one side
  • brush non-stick pan with olive oil (to cook all pieces from 1 breast you have to either use 2 pans, or fry twice on the same pan)
  • place chicken pieces, seasoned side down, on hot pan and fry for 2 min or so, only turn the piece to the other side when you see the meat practically cooked through (as the top piece on the first photo below)
  • it is beneficial when all the pieces are of the same thickness

When using chicken breast tenderloins, cut each into 2 thin pieces and then flatten them with a tenderiser. I can’t explain why, but just salt and pepper create very flavoursome dish which is hardly expected of regular (not organic, or corn-fed, or free range) chicken breast.


It is a very convenient lean protein dish, which I usually serve with potato and sweet potato mash. I like it also with spicy rice, when you can have dinner ready in 20-25 minutes, including time for cooking rice and making some salad on the side. It is notoriously difficult to create tasty, soft and moist lean protein meals for the high protein diets and particularly for protein days, which do not go out of favour very fast. This, fast cooked, thinly sliced and flatten chicken breast, is one of the dishes that can be enjoyed on regular basis and provides fried, juicy and moist chicken. This dish is suitable for both protein days, and as a part of low fat, low carb menu on specialised high protein eating plans, as well as an attack stage on Dukan diet. In my experience, it is also one of the most enjoyable protein meals, competing only with steamed salmon.




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