Fruit and Berry Salads

Fruit and berry salads with different toppings are healthy, naturally gluten free, refreshing desserts. They are easy to make, adjustable to fresh seasonal produce and can be topped with any sauce you want.


I usually make either predominantly fruit salad with apples, plums, nectarines, peaches and pears, or berries salad with mango. I am not a big fan of watermelons or melons in the salads, they make them too watery.

Sometimes  blueberries alone with some ice-cream or yogurt are sufficient for an easy dessert .


You can’t go wrong with fruit and berry salad with your favourite yogurt and gluten free cereal on top, as a light breakfast for the family.


It can also be served as beautifully presented dessert at a fancy party. My all time favourite light summery desert is fruit salad with home-made vanilla custard or crème anglaise, topped with shavings of dark chocolate.


Ingredients, toppings, portion size and serving dishes give ample opportunities for making memorable personal finishing touches.




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