Gluten Free Vanilla Creme

This is a recipe for a very simple and versatile desert I made all my life, and which fortunately survived my transition from pre- to post-coeliac era without any modifications. It has only 4 ingredients: whipping cream, sugar, vanilla and gelatine, and can be served with any fruit, berry or chocolate sauce, as well as used as a layer in cakes and other deserts.


I make vanilla crème with very little sugar, to allow gentle vanilla taste to be fully appreciated. I like to serve it with sour and tart sauces, either quince sauce as in the image above, or Morello cherry sauce, shown in the image below.


Occasionally, only roasted hazelnuts or pistachios with dark chocolate, and tiny biscuits would complement the crème, if we have it with a cup of a strong coffee.


It is also a convenient desert for entertaining either at the house, or taken to any picnic. Not in our hot summer days though, it will melt.


It is not low calories dish, but you do not need much to satisfy the desire for a delicate desert.


  • 600ml whipping cream, 35% fat
  • 70g sugar
  • 4 leaves of gelatine – gold grade
  • vanilla, 2 tea spoons of vanilla extract, or tea spoon of vanilla paste, or contents of one vanilla bean
  • 100ml water


  • cut gelatine leaves and cover them with 100ml of water room temperature, leave them for 5 min
  • transfer gelatine with water to sauce pan and gently heat it stirring, until gelatine is completely dissolved, put aside and let it cool
  • whip the cream with a whisk or hand mixer until it starts to thicken, it will happen faster if the cream is chilled
  • add sugar when the cream starts to thicken and continue to whip
  • notice when the soft peaks form and whip on a lower speed until firm peaks
  • add vanilla to whipped cream
  • add liquid with dissolved  gelatine and using the whisk quickly mix them together
  • transfer the mixture into containers to set, use containers or glass/porcelain dishes you are going to serve vanilla crème in
  • store refrigerated, the crème will be fully set in 2 hours


This crème recipe can be modified to include pure cacao, or even chocolate. It has soft and pleasant texture which goes nicely with any fruit or berry sauce. If this recipe makes the crème which is not sweet enough for you, add sugar to suit your taste. For me it is a perfect, simple desert, satisfying and comforting.






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