Using Morello Cherries in Baking

Commercially available pitted Morello Cherries are a valuable source for making sweet and tart sauces, as well as a filling for strudel with distinct sour cherry taste. In Australia we do not have fresh sour cherries readily available, and the dry sour cherries are hard to find, very expensive and are not sour enough and too sweet for baking. In desperation to recreate a particular taste in cherry strudel, my husband remembers from his childhood days, I tried to use regular pitted Morello cherry preserve. And it worked!


I used 1L glass jars of pitted Morello cherries with 13g sugar content in 100g of the product. Different size jars of this product are available from different supermarkets. Sugar content in them varies from 12% to 14%. I separate cherries from the liquid, and  use cherries either as they are with plain yogurt for breakfast, or make thick paste to use in baking. Liquid is used to make thick tart sauce for deserts.



Only 2 ingredients are needed: pitted Morello cherries and sugar.


  • drain pitted Morello cherries
  • separately weigh cherries and measure the liquid from pitted Morello cherries jar

Cherries concentrate

  • from 1L jar you get 500g of cherries
  • place cherries in a sauce pan, add 100ml of liquid and 50g of sugar
  • cook to reduce liquid on low heat until nearly no liquid left
  • store cherries in a glass jar in the fridge
  • proportion of liquid and sugar to the weight of cherries is – 100g of cherries :  20ml of liquid : 10g of sugar

Do not let all liquid to evaporate. Some moisture is needed to keep cherry paste soft be able to spread it evenly on a rolled sheet of pastry without damaging the pastry.


Morello Cherry sauce

  • add sugar – 7-10g to every 100ml of the liquid from pitted Morello cherries
  • dissolve sugar and cook the sauce on low heat until half of the liquid is left
  • store the sauce in a glass jar without refrigeration

I often combine the contents of several jars and make Morello cherry sauce for later use as ice-cream, yogurt and desert topping.


Recipes of sour cherry and walnut strudel, as well as vanilla crème with Morello cherry sauce, featured in this post, will be published very soon.

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