Baking Gluten Free Bread Using French Bread Double Baguette Pan

Since I discovered an excellent commercial  gluten free yeast bread pre-mixes in a box, I realised that nothing stops me to have them baked in a baguette shape. In the future I am planning to venture into the area of creating my own flour mixes for the yeast breads. One of the well known and described features of gluten free yeast dough, is that it can be quite soft and needs extra support during baking not to go flat. With commercial yeast bread mixes I used so far, I never had this problem. Both Crusty Bread and Chia Bread from Well&Good kept their shape well during proving and baking. I tried Bakers Pride Double French bread baguette non-stick pan to bake Chia Bread baguettes, plain and with black sesame seeds.


Description of the double baguette pan from the seller

The pan is made from easy to clean good quality perforated medium gauge steel with a premium PFOA free non-stick coating. The perforations allow air to flow freely around the bread to create an all round perfectly golden crust. The pan is specially shaped so the loaf retains the correct shape. Hand washing recommended. Measures 39.5 cm wide, 16cm deep, 2.5cm high. 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


I bought a brand new baguette pan for A$25 (delivered) from UK online kitchenware shop via eBay. The seller offered free postage and it took 3 weeks for the pan to arrive.

I noticed the difference in proving when I used baguette pan compared to flat baking tray, I used before that. We keep the temperature in the house at 18 degrees in winter, and to create a warm environment for the yeast to work, I usually put baking tray over the bowl of warm water.


I did the same with the baguette tin. I brushed the surface of the pan with olive oil and placed 2 yeast dough logs, covered them with wet light fabric, and put the pan over the bowl of warm water for 40 min.


The dough had risen better than usual. I was afraid that the dough would expand to the sides, but it did not happened. During baking both baguettes kept their shape. Non-stick surface worked very well, it was very easy to lift baguettes from the pan. I was able to turn baguettes during baking, to brown the crust from both sides.


I made Chia Bread following the instructions on the box, and used egg wash to brush the dough before baking, to get some colour on the crust. The only change I made, is related to the longer period of time I left the dough to prove, because of the comparatively low temperature in the room. In summer the process happens faster.

I usually bake this bread in a regular shape loaf. When I baked it in baguette shape, as suggested on the box, Chia bread, baked in this specialised double baguette pan, had more consistent shape. The bread had perfectly round cut, the bake was more even inside the bread, both on the top and on the bottom, and gave even thickness of the crust all-around. I hope I would be able to use this double baguette pan for baking other gluten free yeast breads from more soft and wet dough, where this pan would be an only option to keep the shape of the bread.




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