Organic Dried Fruit and Seed Truffles, Gluten, Dairy, Grain and Sugar Free

I never thought that I might be able to create something sweet with that many limitations worth sharing in my blog. My goal was to make something really nice and tasty, but also gluten, dairy, grain and sugar free, mostly organic, without preservatives, and with minimum quantity of nuts and fat in the product. The second requirement of the product was reasonably long shelf life (either cupboard, fridge or freezer).


In this post I do not provide exact quantities of all ingredients. I list them all, and give a detailed description how I ended up making truffles from the mixture of dried fruits, seeds and walnut meal. I want to give credits to an amazing blog – wholefoodme dedicated to whole food recipes, keeping all artificial ingredients out. Articles from this blog, as well as personal advice from the author, inspired and helped me to make delicious truffles, I enjoyed so much.

To make a choice of ingredients I applied the same strategy I used, when making my own version of lentil truffles. Cooked red lentils as an ingredient I replaced with organic carrot puree.


  • organic carrots
  • organic French plums (I saw them accidentally in the shop and was happy to try them, they can be replaced by organic prunes)
  • organic apricots
  • organic figs
  • dried sour cherries
  • zest and juice from our own lemons
  • fresh new season walnuts, in shell
  • organic pumpkin seeds
  • flaxseed
  • white chia
  • organic, no added sugar orange peel (I make my own orange peel from organic oranges and organic honey)
  • organic honey
  • cinnamon
  • organic coconut flour and cinnamon mix to roll truffles


I prefer to make dry fruit and seed mixes in stages using stick blender. It makes the process flexible, allows to work with small quantities of very expensive ingredients, and minimises any loses of ingredients and final product. But if you have good food processor with appropriate size bowl, and already worked out quantity of all ingredients, it is quicker to use food processor.

carrot puree (approximately 100g)

  • peel organic carrots
  • steam them until cooked
  • let them cool, dry them from any moisture
  • puree carrots using stick blender

dry fruit puree (approximately 200g)

  • chop all dried fruits
  • add dried fruits to carrot puree
  • add lemon juice (2-5 tea spoons)
  • using stick blender make homogenous paste

Lemon juice thins carrot puree and makes it easier to blend all ingredients together.

nut and seed mix

  • in a small cup blender grind walnuts to get coarse walnut meal, put aside (70g)
  • mix together flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and chia in a ratio 2:2:1
  • grind them in a small cup blender as fine as possible

final mix

  • place carrot and dry fruit puree in a glass bowl
  • add lemon zest
  • add walnut meal
  • add honey (2 tea spoons if needed)
  • add cinnamon (2+ teaspoons)
  • mix all ingredient to combine with silicon spatula
  • gradually add nut and seed mix until dense consistency, keep in mind that nut and seed mix will absorb moisture from carrot and dry fruit puree


  • taste the mixture, adding lemon juice, honey to adjust sour and sweet balance, if necessary add flaxseed, chia and pumpkin seed meal to make the mixture more dense and hard
  • prepare the mixture of coconut flour and cinnamon to dust truffles (or finely desiccated coconut)
  • using 2 spoons shape the balls and roll them in dusting mixture


  • shake extra dusting mixture off and finally shape truffle ball with your both palms
  • use paper cases for truffles
  • store truffles in air tight container refrigerated


Originally, I wanted to use organic apple puree, but could not find firm organic apples and bought carrots instead. If you are not restricted to use only organic produce, apples and quinces might be an interesting ingredient to use. Dates are the most popular dried fruit used to create these type of sweet treats. To my personal taste, they are too sweet and do not provide distinct flavour. If prunes are not sweet enough, raisins can be added to the mixture. I did not provide precise quantities of ingredients on purpose. Different dry fruits can vary in moisture content. The same applies to prepared carrot or any other fruit puree. The goal of this post is to describe the strategy, when you can create your own tasty and healthy treat, with the ingredients you like and have at home on regular basis. This way of preparation leaves you flexibility to adjust the taste and texture of the final product you want to create. It also completely eliminates waste of valuable and expensive ingredients.


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