Time to Restructure CookingWithoutGluten

It has been nearly 9 months since I started to publish my gluten free recipes in this blog. From the very beginning I organised recipes in pages to make navigation easy and simple. It helped that there were not that many publications. CookingWithoutGluten blog has grown since to include more than 80 individual articles, and I am not happy with the current structure of the blog.


Some of the important recipes published as pages can’t have tags, that restricts their representation in gluten free blogosphere. I want to add more step by step detailed instructions with images to some intricate recipes to make every stage of the process clear. I intentionally publish recipes for small cakes to make sure that you can try and taste the recipe, and later decide whether it is acceptable for you and your family, without using large quantities of ingredients for the product you might not like. You can always double the quantity if the recipe is right.


In coming weeks I am going to improve the structure of the blog, with pages only left to gluten free recipes I consider basic and essential. I will introduce a new page to review my strategies to gluten free living, cooking and baking. Gluten free sultana cake will be left as a separate page as a tribute to the most popular recipe that started it all. I will have review pages for all major types of gluten free dough and pastry, with direct links to particular final baking products. I plan to replace Fermented Cabbage page with review page for all fermented foods I make, with direct links to individual recipes already in the blog, and ones I hope to develop in the future.


I have to make some changes to categories I use in the blog, to make navigation on the site simple and effective. I hope the blog will benefit from restructure. I thank all of you for your interest and support. I am open to any suggestions about the blog itself, it’s topics, and will appreciate any of your contributions.

I have to admit, I never suspected how I am going to enjoy this project and how it will enrich my gluten free cooking.



Images of gluten free grains, nuts, seeds and all pasta varieties, including my own home-made fettuccine, show the abundance of quality wheat replacement products available today. We have only to think outside the box for tasty and nutritious food.

3 thoughts on “Time to Restructure CookingWithoutGluten

  1. I am so pleased I have found your blog. I have a list of recipes that are on my “to make” list which has put a little spark back into my interest in making and trying to make new gluten free food. Thank you Irena, you step by steps are invaluable and your photography beautiful.

    1. Thank you Joanne. It is exactly why I started this blog. I am delighted if anyone can find useful information to spare time, effort and money in making their gluten free life easier and more exciting.
      Always glad to hear your feedback.

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