Rye-less Rye Bread Mix with Sunflower Seeds by Well&Good

I did not try all yeast and gluten free commercial bread mixes, but from what I reviewed, this Rye-less rye Bread Mix manufactured by Well&Good  is the best sandwich bread I had so far.


Freshly baked it has a soft texture of a typical sliced bread and tastes wonderful, still slightly warm, in open sandwiches with any topping. It becomes even better suited for takeaway sandwiches after being frozen and defrosted in a toaster. The texture becomes closer to that of a good sourdough bread.  Similarity with a typical sliced white bread, does not extend to the taste. This bread has an intense, distinctly different, authentic bread taste, which, however, does not overshadow flavours of the topping in a sandwich. Freshly made egg salad on top of freshly baked bread was simply a treat!


List of ingredients from the pack

Corn starch, whole rice flour, maltodextrin, tapioca starch, sunflower seeds, raising agents (341, 500), dextrose monohydrate, iodised salt, food acid (575), thickeners (xanthan gum, 464), vegetable emulsifiers (471, 475), psyllium husk, alkalised cocoa powder, natural flavour, spirulina, natural colour (caramelised sugar). Manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

Free from gluten, dairy, tree nut, peanut, soy, egg, yeast.

The bag contains 750g of the mix, makes 2 loaves.


Instructions on the bag are simple, step by step, and very clear. These instructions are very easy to follow. I divided  the contents of the box in two equal portions, prepared the mix twice, one plain mix, as from the bag, and the second with pumpkin seeds and extra sunflower kernels. I baked both versions simultaneously in two different shape bread loaf pans. I used sesame seeds on top of the bread batter. I followed the instructions in preparing and baking, and ended up with 2 nice loaves.

They needed time to rest and cool, before slicing. But I was able to slice this bread, even soft, when it was still not completely rested. Freshly from the oven the bread is soft and fluffy. When cooled down completely the texture strengthens. Both breads, plain and with extra seeds were very good, but I liked the one with added pumpkin seeds better.


This bread is excellent when used in open sandwiches with variety of toppings: cheese, ham, tomato, any salad. It goes nice with hearty soups. I did not try to make croutons from this bread, but I suspect, this bread will take well any strong flavours you want to put in croutons. After freezing and defrosting in a toaster, this bread becomes perfect for packed lunches. It keeps the shape; the texture is still soft, but strong enough to keep sandwich together.

In terms of nutritional value, as any yeast and gluten free bread, it has a substantial amount of starches. It is a systemic problem with all gluten free breads. However, this bread addresses this issue, and contains added source of quality protein – spirulina, good fats from sunflower seeds, as well as some extra fibre from psyllium husks. But as the saying goes, it’s not what is in the bread, but what you put on top of it.


In our case, I was lucky to have some photos of the fresh bread before it all disappeared, and the only one left was already in the freezer. I can only add, that both loaves are nearly gone, and I put my order for more of this bread. We are going to have it on regular basis. I was told that this bread will be available from Coles soon. I was delighted to hear that.

I had real trouble lately to stock my two favourite flours from Well&Good – Pastry flour for pasta and dumplings, and plain flour for crepes and biscuits. They disappeared from the shelves of all health food stores in our area. Learning that Pastry flour will also appear in Coles was music to my ears.

Well&Good well done! Another excellent product credit to your company.


I used promotional packet of Rye-less Rye Bread mix supplied by Well&Good.


4 thoughts on “Rye-less Rye Bread Mix with Sunflower Seeds by Well&Good

  1. Great news, I found a packet of the Rye-less Rye Bread in Coles this week. I was a little skeptical about the product especially as the colour of the mixture was very grey. This is a great product, easy to make, holds well together when cut and very enjoyable to eat… for the adults in the family anyway. My gf teenager ate a small piece, said it was okay and left it at that. That’s teenagers for you.

    1. To me, the taste gets better after freezing and defrosting. In fresh, still warm bread I could taste cacao taste. I am sensitive for bitter taste and that’s why I do not even like chocolate. The younger the person is the more they dislike bitterness. Let him try toasted bread with something he likes on top. he might change his mind.

      1. I agree. My son’s taste will change as he gets older and I look forward to the time where he is happy to experiment a little more with gluten free food.

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