Grain and Sugar Free Apple Sultana Bread

This recipe was created for e-cookingblog, where I publish recipes not only gluten free, but also grain, dairy and sugar free. Apple and sultana bread is made using almond meal and cinnamon powder as the only dry ingredients.


There is no butter or any oil in the recipe ingredients list. Thick apple puree, made from Granny Smith apples, provides moisture in the bread. Fat comes from almonds and egg yolks.

I have worked many times using egg whites mixture with thick apple puree. Their combination is excellent in taste and texture, and is perfect for making marshmallows with agar-agar. However, I never previously substituted sugar with honey in this mixture. I am delighted to report, that honey, even in small quantities, gives stiff peaks when beaten with apple puree and egg whites.


It gave me some ideas about Italian meringues or even marshmallows, made with honey instead of sugar.

As any grain free bread, sultana bread is best baked in mini loaf pans. Though the batter was very thick and I did not add any baking soda, the bread had risen well.


Apple and sultana bread, with its dense and dry texture, can be used as a template for making grain and sugar free fruit cake, to satisfy dietary requirements for those who can’t have grain or sugar, but still want to enjoy festive season with a traditional cake.


Recipe for this bread and step by step preparation can be find here.


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