Gluten Free Apricot Mini Scones

I set out to make new biscuits variety, based on sour cream dough, only to end up with a recipe for very easy to make scones, ready in time for the oven to preheat to 200C plus 11 min for baking.


For a long time now, I wanted to make soft biscuits from the dough with sour cream. When I look for inspiration, I usually do not look for recipes, I look for images. Some images are so appealing, that I instantly feel, that I can imagine the taste of the product. I saw those wonderful and attractive apricot biscuits in “The Flavours of France. Fabulous Vegetarian Cuisine for Every Occasion” by Jean Conil and Fay Franklin. The recipe was simple and easy to adapt for gluten free version. It also had sour cream as one of the few ingredients. I did my calculations, prepared all ingredients, but was puzzled – there was no sugar in the recipe, only tiny quantity of apricot jam. I thought that I just made a mistake, but not, no sugar is listed in the recipe. I decided to go with it, with some minor changes and adjustments for our taste.

The process to make the dough was very simple, with only 2 bowls and a whisk required. Biscuit dough was soft and very easy to work with, that does not happen often with gluten free pastries. I used sliced almonds, being sure that I am baking biscuits.  Everything happened very fast. By the time my fan-forced oven got to 200C, the tray with 30 biscuits was ready to go, and after 11 min the baking was over.


I tried the first biscuit and was not happy at all, it was, as I suspected not sweet, soft as I wanted, but too dry to eat on its own. I tried another one, and realized that these biscuits tasted as rich and indulgent scones. I had whipping cream in the fridge, and in 10 min we were ready for our afternoon tea.


As mini scones, these creations were simply perfect. I even liked their size, you can have 3, may be even 4 and do not feel too guilty about it. It was handy, that these mini scones were not sweet, the texture was soft and light. They were 2 bites size, and only sliced almonds were out of place. These mini scones did not survive until today to report their taste and texture the next day. So I made another batch today, fully aware that I want scones. I made thicker layer of the dough  before making scones with cookie cutter and as the result today’s scones were not that mini. It took exactly the same 11 min to bake them through.

I never knew that scones recipe on my to do list will be ticked in a very accidental manner. This recipe will stay on our regular baking menu.

Ingredients: for 30 mini scones, or 16-18 medium scones, fit in one baking tray

  • 1 extra large egg
  • 40g unsalted butter
  • 100g light sour cream (I used Coles Light Sour Cream)
  • 30g apricot jam (I used Apricot Fruit Spread with no added sugar)
  • 100g rice flour (I used McKenzie’s fine rice flour)
  • 150g gluten free self-raising  flour (I used Well&Good Self-Raising Flour)
  • 1 tea spoon gluten free baking powder
  • milk to brush the dough


  • preheat fan forced oven to 200C, or no fan oven to 220C
  • in a deep bowl mix well rice flour, self-raising flour and baking powder
  • rub in unsalted butter using your fingertips until crumb like consistency
  • in another bowl beat and mix egg, sour cream and apricot jam until fully combined
  • pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients, mix with a knife until all liquid is absorbed by flours
  • dust your palms with flour and form a soft dough
  • dust working surface with flour
  • shape the dough into a disk
  • spread the dough using your palms or rolling pin to 1.5cm thickness
  • use cookie cutter to cut individual scones
  • dough leftovers are easily mix again and used to make more scones
  • place scones on a baking tray lined with baking paper
  • brush scones with milk
  • bake in preheated 200C oven for 9-11 min on the top shelf
  • let them rest for 2-5 min on a wire rack

Served warm or cold with whipped cream and jam of your choice. I had my scones with raspberry and chia jam.


All photos are made of the first bake when I rolled the dough 1 cm thick, as for biscuits and ended up with mini scones. We did not make photos for the second, scone bake.


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