Sugar Free Blackcurrant Curd

I developed a recipe for sugar free blackcurrant curd as one of frosting options for cakes in my second, specialised grain and sugar free blog. It tasted so good, that I decided to mention curd recipe here and provide the link to it.


The recipe is very similar to that of lemon curd. It is very easy to make. Because of higher pectin content and thicker consistency, curd from blackcurrant puree, instead of lemon juice and zest, cooks faster. It has intense taste with pleasant tart component, its vibrant colour makes any plain cake look festive. It is easy to apply, it is not too runny, or too thick, and it has an appealing shiny surface. Not to mention it is delicious on toast and with ice-cream. Our local fruit grocer sells frozen blackcurrants, and I often buy them for my own blackcurrant preserves.

The recipe and preparation step by step can be found here.

I used this sugar free frosting on sugar and grain free blackcurrant, banana and apple cake, which I baked today. I have miscalculated the amount of batter, have chosen the wrong baking pan, and ended up with a tiny extra loaf.




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