Sugar and Grain Free Option for Easy Apple Cinnamon and Raisin Cake

Lately I have been working on developing easy options for my favourite cakes. It is a routine for me to make my own thick fruit and vegetable purees for all my baking needs in order to have more nutritionally balanced breads and cakes with healthier ingredients.


I have decided to make the process of apple and cinnamon cake preparation easier by using commercially available apple puree and using whole eggs without working with separated eggs. Gluten free cake recipe was published recently, but I also wanted to create grain and sugar free option for this cake. As for the gluten free option, sugar and grain free option, has very simple list of ingredients and easy preparation steps to follow. The recipe and step by step method is published in my sugar and grain free dedicated blog.

I baked this cake several times in different baking pans, using different honey. The cake differed in colour, but not in texture and taste. As a variation I occasionally add honey and orange peel, I make myself, to raisins in this apple and cinnamon cakes.


I am glad that this cake, which I started to like more and more, is now available to bake in grain and sugar free version with the most of the ingredients being organic, if desired.


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