Cauliflower and Flaxseed Meal Pancakes

This recipe was developed for my ecookingblog, with restrictions not only to gluten, but all grains, as well as potato, tapioca, buckwheat and quinoa, which, technically speaking, are not grains. This recipe with only 3 ingredients gives easy to make and absolutely delicious pancakes.


These pancakes go well with many different toppings. I had mine with tomatoes and my husband with mushrooms in sour cream and onion sauce. They will be perfect with eggs and bacon, with smoked salmon or any other meat or vegetables. Cauliflower pancakes have pleasant soft texture and their taste can vary depending on herbs and spices you can use in the mixture.

Pancake mixture has fresh cauliflower, processed to the size of rice grain, eggs and flaxseed meal. For the purpose of making an easy recipe, I used commercial flaxseed meal, but you can grind flaxseeds fresh if you like. Pancakes hold their shape nicely and have no problems when fried. They can be baked, too.


Recipe details and preparation can be found in the original post here.

These pancakes can be made in different sizes and shapes. They are delicious not only warm, but cold, too. I made cheese and tomato “sandwich” with cold pancakes and was surprised how good it was. It is hard to believe that this 3 basic ingredient dish can be so satisfying and tasty. Try it!



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