Gluten Free Smallgoods from THE WURSTHUTTE in Melbourne

You would think that smallgoods and smoked meats will be naturally gluten free. Some are, but the majority are not. It especially concerns fresh or cooked sausages, with fillers, which contain wheat or its derivatives, being the source of gluten in them. Another, not often discussed ingredient is soy protein, added to increase protein content in products.


We were buying different products, manufactured by The Wursthutte, here in Melbourne, for many years, even before my coeliac diagnosis. They simply made the best Frankfurts and Pariser  sausages we could get in Melbourne. We were buying them from German delicatessen store at first, and later, when it was closed, started to go to company’s own shop and stock their produce.


I knew that all their produce is gluten free and free from soy protein, but I wanted to make sure before publishing this post, that I am not going to mislead readers. So, I had a chat, last time I was in the shop, to clarify my concerns. I was reassured that all smallgoods The Wursthutte manufacture, are  indeed, gluten and soy free (except 2 types of fresh sausages with some extras that are not gluten free). They source their meat locally from Victoria, and sell fresh meat, too. You can also buy some European condiments and jams in the shop.

The main goal of this post just to provide information of quality gluten free products the whole family can enjoy. I consider the produce of this company as the tastiest you can buy in Melbourne. There are several more smallgoods manufactures, making their produce gluten free, and some of them are excellent, too. But in my opinion, The Wursthutte is the best. The Wusthutte manufacture variety of smallgoods and  also try to introduce new products. I was usually buying smoked pariser sausage and Leberkase, traditional German  sausage in a shape of bread loaf, made from veal. I was offered to try the new variety of pariser sausage, made from chicken meat, and have found it even better. Their different types of ham and bacon are not too salty and have extra flavour, which lifts many dishes I cook with them. They have lean smoked bacon, excellent to give extra flavour to casseroles, wonderful in pizzas and in any vegetable bakes and quiches, as well as savoury muffins.


You can buy anything freshly sliced, but also vacuum packed, for longer storage. Because we do not live close to the shop and do not go there often, I freeze products in portion size, and use when needed.


Their fresh meat is of superb quality and taste. But I go to the shop mainly for smallgoods of exceptional quality and wonderful taste. The company has a website where all the information about their products can be found.

The day we come back with our bags full, is a special day. Sausage with mash is an ultimate comfort food, when I can have a sausage with a taste, I loved since childhood.

Bon appetite!



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