Gluten Free Plum Frangipane Tart

Plums are so good now, making plum frangipane tart seemed like another delicious option for gluten free plum desert. I use the term frangipane loosely, because I substitute butter in classical recipe with, either cottage cheese, or fruit puree. It makes frangipane soft and moist, and simultaneously gives it more distinct flavour. It was my first attempt to make frangipane filling with plum puree. I also used unsweetened plum puree, as a thin layer on top of shortcrust pastry, before topping it with frangipane filling.


Plum puree layer can be seen as a narrow red line between shortcrust pastry and frangipane filling in the image above. With extra plum slices in frangipane layer, I can call this recipe as triple plum frangipane tart. Another first in the recipe, is gluten free sweet shortcrust pastry for the tart shell, with only individual flours, icing sugar, butter and sour cream as ingredients. The recipe does not include any binding ingredients, most common xanthan gum, usually present in commercial gluten free flour mixes. Only rice flour and corn starch (in Australia sold under the name of corn flour) make the flour mix for this dough. I would not recommend this recipe to make plain biscuits, they will be a bit too dry for my taste. However, I have found this pastry very accommodating for tart and tartlet shells. The dough can be used fresh, after 30min resting in the fridge, or after up to 4 days in the fridge, and the result will be the same. Baked pastry showed some occasional splits, but overall, it was easy to work with and reliable with second rolling of cut offs. For the simplicity of the recipe, with readily available budget ingredients, it is more than satisfying result.


I made individual tartlets and rectangular tart without blind bake. In both cases tart bottom was fully baked, dry and not soggy. Shortcrust shell was easy to cut without too much crumble, it stayed dry and kept its shape for 3 days, keeping frangipane inside moist and soft.



plum puree and plums

for one tart frangipane filling (34x12cm)

  • 500 g fresh plums, pitted and sliced
  • 4-5 large plums sliced to insert into frangipane

sweet shortcrust pastry

will make 2 shells for medium size rectangular tarts (34x12cm), or 9-10 medium round individual tarts (10cm)

  • 200g fine rice flour (I use McKenzie’s)
  • 90g corn flour (starch)
  • 70g icing sugar
  • 10g vanilla sugar
  • 120g unsalted butter
  • 50g (2 table spoons) light sour cream (I use Coles light sour cream 20% fat)

plum frangipane

to fill 1 medium round or rectangular tart pan

  • 2 large eggs
  • 120g sugar
  • 10g vanilla sugar
  • 200g thick plum puree
  • 130g almond meal, sifted


plum puree and plums

  • wash and dry plums, cut them in half and remove pits
  • it is easier to make plum puree the day before
  • place sliced plums in glass bowl and cook in a microwave on high three times, each time for 10min, stirring in between
  • right puree consistency is achieved when plums register 1/2 of their initial weight (I use 500g of plum slices and finish their cooking when their weight is 250g)


  • puree cooked plums with stick blender until completely smooth texture is achieved


  • the colour of plum puree will depend on plum variety used and plum ripeness


  • plum puree have to be room temperature, before using it to make frangipane

sweet shortcrust pastry

  • combine all dry ingredients in a bowl – rice flour, corn starch, icing sugar, vanilla sugar
  • mix them with a whisk
  • cut butter in small pieces and rub it with your finger tips into dry mixture until the mixture resembles crumbs
  • add sour cream, mix it in, press everything together and make a ball
  • cut pastry into 2 equal parts, shape each part as a square disk, wrap each disk individually in glad wrap and refrigerate for 30-40 min (refrigerate or freeze the second pastry portion until needed)

making frangipane tart

  • prepare all ingredients for the tart, use tart baking pan with removable bottom


  • line the working surface with baking paper, lightly dust it with flour (I like to use tapioca flour)


  • cold dough will split in pieces, do not worry, knit the dough, as it warms up, it will become softer and pliable
  • spread the dough in the shape of tart pan (round or rectangular)


  • roll the dough thin, dusting it with flour if necessary, do it gently and the dough will stay in one piece


  • fold rolled pastry on removable bottom


  • place the removable bottom inside baking pan and carefully press the dough to pan sides, use cut offs to repair any splits if necessary
  • use part of plum puree and spread it in even layer on top of shortcrust dough


  • beat eggs with sugar on high for 5-7min, until pale and at least double in volume
  • add 150g of plum puree (puree has to be thick)


  • whisk plum puree into egg mixture


  • add sifted almond meal and mix it in


  • spoon frangipane mixture into shortcrust shell, make it level with spatula or palette knife
  • insert plum slices vertically


  • sprinkle with almond pieces left in a sieve
  • bake in preheated to 160C fan forced oven until the surface of the tart is firm to touch and sides of the tart started to separate from the baking pan, it took 55 min in my oven, but times can differ


  • remove sides of the baking pan, do not remove the tart from removable bottom
  • let the tart rest until completely cool down on removable bottom and lightly dust with icing sugar
  • carefully transfer the tart to a serving board
  • use serrated knife to have a clean cut


As I mentioned before tart shell had some tiny cracks. However, they did not influence in any way strong structure of the tart. It was interesting for me to notice, that there were no cracks on the bottom part of tart shell, where plum puree was applied. The moisture from puree kept pastry completely together.


These cracks are the price to pay in gluten free dough without any binding agent, replacing gluten. To avoid this, just add one, or one and a half tea spoons of xanthan gum. My objective for this pastry was to use most simple ingredients without any extras, having in mind, that not everyone can tolerate these gums in their flour mixes.


I love my tarts, but this one, was the best I ever made. It had very intense plum taste. Served with plum sauce and vanilla crème anglaise, it was simply divine. Soft and moist frangipane filling was not like any other I made before. The texture stayed the same for 3 days. It survived that long, because it was the second bake after individual tartlets, I baked 2 days before. Since those two bakes, I made plum puree twice, packed it individually in zip lock bags, and  stored them in freezer, to be able to bake these tarts any time I want. All the effort to make puree is absolutely worth it.


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