Gluten Free Buckwheat and Chia Bread by gfprecinct Artisan Bakers

I bake my own bread now, and do not pay attention to new gluten free bread varieties appearing on supermarkets shelves and in health food stores. But when I saw the list of all ingredients in Buckwheat and Chia bread from gfprecinct Artisan Bakers, I was immediately interested to try and review this bread.


The ingredient list was very impressive in terms of quality flours used, and total absence of processed ingredients and additives. It contained:

  • stoneground buckwheat flour
  • potato starch
  • tapioca starch
  • rice flour
  • chia flour
  • filtered water
  • sunflower oil
  • yeast
  • sea salt
  • sugar
  • organic psyllium husks
  • citric acid


For a gluten free bread with a nice height to a loaf, it has surprisingly short list of ingredients with a bare minimum for any yeast bread. Buckwheat and chia flours are protein rich flours, with excellent nutritional properties. Systemic issue of gluten free breads, which usually significantly reduce gut motility, were addressed by including organic psyllium husks. I was simply delighted by the complete absence of processed ingredients, together with the absent long list of numbers or names, more appropriate in a chemistry book. Do not get me wrong, all those ingredients dramatically improve the appearance, texture, taste and the shelf life of gluten free bread. The problem is, when you do not want to consume them in your bread, you substantially reduce your options, with hardly anything left.


First of all, I liked that the loaf was not sliced. It gives consumer an option to choose the thickness of the slice. All crusts were perfectly baked, and were dry and crunchy both on  all sides and the top. The bread was easy to slice, and with serrated bread knife, the cut was impeccable.


The body of the loaf had an even spread of air pockets, there was no dense and soggy texture in the bottom part of the loaf. This bread was on a light side, but with a bite to it, and a touch of pleasant chewiness, that only quality breads have. I have to mention some technical structural fault, quite a large air pocket, a small hole, present only in 3 slices the middle of the loaf. To me, however, it was a bonus. I instantly thought about French toast, which I made from defrosted slice of bread.


One slice of bread  took half of the mixture from one large egg and some milk. I spooned extra egg mixture to fill the pockets during frying, and had simply magnificent toast with just Demerara sugar.


Well developed light texture of the bread allowed egg mixture to penetrate the whole body of the slice, and gave soft and rich feel to the toast. It was moist all way through from one side to another.


Buckwheat and chia bread was easy to freeze, it defrosted well without any burns, even with prolong toasting times. Light and prolong toasting gave slightly different results in taste, both delicious and truly satisfying.


This bread has quite a neutral taste, where most prominent feel and satisfaction comes from an excellent texture of the bread. I would not have it fresh as is, without making a toast, but this applies to any commercial packaged gluten free bread. Other than that, this bread ticks all the boxes in my books. It was perfect with scrambled eggs, as cheese and tomato sandwich, with chicken pate, with fresh fruit spreads and home cured salmon. I also used lightly toasted slices for takeaway egg sandwiches. The neutral taste was simply perfect to emphasise the topping on the bread. The bread never went soggy and kept its texture in takeaway sandwich.


Buckwheat and chia bread from gfprecinct Artisan Bakers is an excellent packaged bread with exceptional nutritional balance, not only for gluten free, but bread in general. The bare minimum list of ingredients, without all unnecessary processed extras, makes this bread to stand out from many other gluten free breads. The most surprising fact for me is, that it tastes wonderful with everything. Any negatives, you might ask? It does not come cheap. You have to pay just over $9 for it. It will be the first choice for me for commercial bread, when I am not baking my own. It is better suited for sandwiches, because I mainly bake flat loaves and bread rolls. I got 16 slices out of this loaf, with the same thickness as shown in the photos, including 2 crusts among them.


I got this bread for a review from Go Vita shop in Doncaster, our favourite Health Food shop. It is not very close to where we live, but this particular shop offers the best choices and the widest variety of specialised products. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly, it is always a pleasure for us to shop there. Occasionally for my ecookingblog, with very strict, I would even say severe, dietary limitations, I have to buy rare and hardly available products. For me, quite often, it was the only place where I could get specific item, I was looking for.

Buckwheat and Chia bread from gfprecinct Artisan Bakers is delivered freshly baked every Friday to Go Vita shop in Doncaster. Please check for the availability and delivery days in health food shop in your area.


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