Cabbage Pancakes or Cabbage Omelette – You Decide

This spur of the moment dish was inspired by one of my favourite lunch snacks in Japanese bistro many years ago, when I did not know that I had coeliac disease, and Daimaru in Melbourne Central was my favourite place to buy presents. This bistro, with their spicy dumplings and okonomiyaki – Japanese cabbage pancakes, as well as Paul Bocuse bakery with crusty baguettes and magnificent brioches, were the places to enjoy lunch, followed by coffee. I know, that after I have written about it, I will have to bake something very special tomorrow. But back to the dish with an ambiguous name.


From the authentic  okonomiyaki recipe I took the idea of using cabbage as the main vegetable ingredient. I used chopped bacon through the whole dish, instead of using bacon rashers on one side of the pancake. I did not use any seafood or any batter, so no batter pancake, or cabbage and vegetable omelette, can be the name of the dish. It is another free range recipe.


  • white cabbage
  • fresh carrots, I also added my own fermented carrots to make the dish spicy
  • eggs
  • milk (replaced with water for paleo version)
  • chopped lean bacon
  • onion
  • fennel seeds
  • butter of olive oil for frying


  • roughly chop cabbage, cover it with boiling water, allow to stand for 15min
  • chop onion and bacon
  • lightly fry bacon with onion and fennel seeds, until onion becomes translucent
  • rinse cabbage with cold water, remove as much water as you can
  • in a wide bowl mix cabbage, grated carrots and fried onion with bacon, add seasoning and mix it in
  • lightly beat eggs with milk (1 table spoon of milk per egg), add salt and pepper and any spices you like
  • generously grease deep frying pan or low casserole dish
  • spread vegetable mixture evenly in the pan, press the mixture down with your palms
  • pour beaten eggs over vegetables
  • cook on a low heat, covered with lid, until it is nearly set in the middle
  • turn over the omelette on another pan and cook 3-4min on the other side


  • slide omelette to a serving plate or serving board
  • use serrated knife to have a clean cut
  • serve warm with a dollop of sour cream or mayonnaise

This omelette was very tasty the next day reheated on the pan as a side dish for lamb casserole.


Smoked bacon, with lightly caramelised onions and fermented carrots with garlic and ginger, gave this pancake/omelette nice spicy flavour. One of the benefits of this recipe is the variety of options to include any vegetables, as well as any spices, from mild to truly hot. Any cooked and shredded meat – chicken, turkey or even sliced sausages (chorizo comes to mind), as well as seafood can be added to increase protein content or add flavour. The serving sauce  can be adjusted accordingly. As long as you have cabbage and eggs, anything in the fridge can be included. The dish can be baked as muffins or mini-loaves for packed lunches. It was nice eaten cold, too.

2 thoughts on “Cabbage Pancakes or Cabbage Omelette – You Decide

    1. I agree with you those, both omelettes and pancakes have such a delicate, yet intense taste. Occasionally I make filings for dumplings with asian flavours, they are probably not authentic, but taste good anyway.

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