Goat’s Cheese and Fennel Salad

As it happened, I forgot to buy almond meal during regular shopping, and had to buy it separately. In the shop we were offered to try French soft goat’s cheese, which was really good. With beautiful baby fennel, sweet chili peppers and capsicum on offer, I knew instantly what we are going to have for lunch.

This salad of fresh and fermented vegetables takes no time to prepare, where the longest preparation time is to toast pine nuts. I have stopped to use salad dressings a long time ago. Instead, I slice vegetables thinly using mandoline slicer. With salt and pepper seasoning fresh vegetables give a lot of natural juices that make the base of the dressing. My own spicy fermented carrots and garlic and chili peppers paste give the salad extra flavour and heat, without overpowering the taste of vegetables themselves. I am not a big fan of using nuts in salads, but have to admit that toasted pine nuts were just a nice final touch to this dish.



  • soft goat’s cheese
  • baby fennel
  • radishes
  • Lebanese cucumber
  • sweet red chili pepper
  • red capsicum
  • celery stick
  • fermented carrots
  • garlic and red chili paste
  • pine nuts
  • dill for garnish
  • salt and coarse black pepper for seasoning


  • toast pine nuts on a dry frying pan on medium heat for 3-5min
  • slice baby fennel, radishes and sweet chili pepper using mandoline slicer
  • make cucumber ribbons using vegetable peeler
  • slice red capsicum
  • put all vegetables, excluding cucumber, in a bowl, leave some radishes for decoration
  • add salt and pepper, mix all vegetables
  • add fermented carrots and garlic and chili paste (alternatively use your favourite spice mix or salad dressing)
  • arrange cucumber ribbons on a plate
  • place vegetable mix in the middle
  • spoon goat’s cheese on top
  • sprinkle with pine nuts
  • use preserved radishes slices and dill to garnish
  • spoon extra garlic and chili paste on the plate

I served this salad with toasted slices of my own gluten free bread, which I bake on regular basis now.


Surprisingly, it was a very filling meal and an appropriate cold winter lunch for a rare sunny day. I don’t have to say, that it was delicious, too.


This salad can be served as an entrée, or as a main course, depending on portion size and your appetite.


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