Grain, Dairy and Yeast Free Buns with Salmon and Leek Filling

This recipe was specifically created for another blog with more strict dietary limitations. It was an attempt to design the dish which will recreate the soft and airy texture of the yeast dough I used to make cabbage pie, only without any flour or yeast.


For the dough I used the recipe of dark bread I bake from the mixture of eggs, fresh apple and 3 seed mix – pumpkin, flax and chia. Pumpkin seeds in the recipe can be replaced gram for gram by sunflower kernels.

To make these buns a completely balanced meal, I used fresh salmon on a bed of lightly fried leek and onion, as a filling. I baked both medium size pie in a glass baking dish


and 2 buns, baked in individual mini pie aluminium foil tins.


The complete recipe with step by step photographs can be found here.

The dough for this recipe is soft, but quite easy to handle with palms and fingers dipped in water. Buns are also the easiest option to prepare and bake. They are more practical as a lunch or snack. The texture of baked product is soft and springy, with a pleasant crust. Notwithstanding the strict ingredient limitations to make these buns or pies, I will grade them having the same quality in taste,  compared to the gluten free version of the yeast dough. However, they win in terms of nutritional value and texture of the product. They do not have any starches or additives in the mix of dry ingredients, which have only healthy seeds mix. Their protein and healthy fat content is higher, fibre content is more than adequate, and their recipe includes only natural ingredients. As the result of their composition, these bans/pie do not go stale at all. They are still soft and moist the second day, which is a rarity in gluten free bakes.


In terms of used ingredients this recipe can be considered even more strict than paleo, where some dry ingredients can be starches (tapioca) or pseudo-grains (buckwheat, quinoa).


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