Gluten Free Sausages From Local Farmer’s Market

We started to go to our local Farmer’s Market in Eltham 3 months ago and were lucky to discover gluten free sausages,  manufactured by Lockton Farm, family business, producing hand-made artisan gourmet sausages. We were late that day, tasted what was left, liked what we tasted and went home with chicken, honey and grain mustard sausages. Later, on other occasions, we tasted many more varieties, also delicious, but those chicken, honey and mustard sausages are still my favourite ones. They are simply amazing! These sausages are very low in fat (only 6.7%), they are juicy, meaty and soft, which is surprising with such a low fat level in them. I never fried them, always baked, both brushed with olive oil and without it, left them as they were. The taste and texture were consistent and never disappointed. Now, we go to the market every fortnight, if only to buy these sausages. Last time we also bought wonderful organic leek, and I made baked sausages for lunch, served with potato and celeriac puree with sautéed onion, leek and red sweet chili peppers.


With homemade mustard and horseradish it was simply a treat on a cold, but sunny winter day.


While sausages were baking and potato with celeriac steaming, I roughly chopped white and red onion, leek and red sweet chili peppers


and lightly sautéed them in cold pressed olive oil with a pinch of fennel seeds, salt and coarse black pepper.


I am not experienced with cooking celeriac, it was my first time and the result did not impress me. I would have preferred my regular mash, potatoes with sweet potatoes, butter and sour cream. As I was told, it’s not celeriac, it’s me, not cooking it properly. But with sautéed vegetables it was a comforting and tasty meal. No wonder we finished all sausages, no leftovers.


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