Baking With Honey – Practical Review

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Honey is a natural product and as other natural sweeteners has  certain benefits compared to refined sugars. These benefits however, are mainly evident when honey is used without being heated. Compared to refined sugars, honey, especially raw and untreated, is a complicated product, which includes not only sugars. This post is not dedicated to the health benefits of honey, but discusses specific factors that arise when honey is used in preparing dough or batter for grain free or gluten free only baking. When honey is exposed to high temperatures during baking, some of health benefits attributed to raw honey disappear, because treatment with high temperature destroys many biologically active compounds, present in raw honey. If we are talking about honey in terms of its nutritional value and metabolism in healthy individuals, they are not that much different, compared even to refined sugar. This information can be found in UK Telegraph article (read here). The difference between honey and regular white sugar is…

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2 thoughts on “Baking With Honey – Practical Review

    1. I am happy to share my experience, it took some time to get to a place where at least I can have a little confidence in final result. It is particularly difficult with very strict limitations in dry ingredients.

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