Well and Good New Product Range – Raw Ingredients

I was happy to learn that Well and Good,  Melbourne based company, with a wide range of quality gluten free products, has introduced a new line of products – Raw Ingredients. I was excited to test products from this range in my cooking and recipe development. I have previously used several products from Well and Good gluten free flour and bread mixes, and have found them to be one of the best products on the market. I still use their Plain Flour for crepes and Tuile biscuits, Self Raising Flour to bake loaf cakes, upside down cakes and muffins, Crusty Bread Mix for the cake batters, and Pastry Flour to make ravioli and dumplings dough. For quite some time now, I have been baking my own bread, and different pastries, from the yeast dough of my own making. I purchase individual gluten free flours and make my own different flour mixes for different purposes. I am delighted to report, that I have received 2 boxes with the whole Raw Ingredients range, and have already tested several individual flours, and other important and necessary products in gluten free cooking. I even tried these products for new recipes, or modifications of the old recipes, for the dishes, popular in our family.


The first product to be tested was coconut flour. I have tried coconut flour in 2 recipes for my ecookingblog – grain, pseudo-grain, starches, dairy, legumes and sugar free. Coconut flour was used as one of the main ingredients, together with almond meal, to make the dough for an apple strudel (photo above) and Napoleon cake (photo below).


On both occasions the resulting dough had all the qualities I wanted to achieve. Well and Good coconut flour had a touch better taste, with more natural sweetness in it, compared to the flour I have used before. Pastry layers for Napoleon cake (recipe to be published very soon), where the dough does not have any sweeteners in it, had very strong structure, and it was possible to roll this dough to 1 mm thin.


I was very impressed. I am glad that I can buy now coconut flour (free from any additives, including sulphur-containing preservatives, often present in other brands of coconut flour) from one company, and do not worry about adjusting ingredient quantities. This is especially true for different brands of coconut flour, with its very high liquid absorption capacities, where just a little difference in coconut flour weight, can cause quite a substantial difference in product texture.


I was also very happy to bake my own bread mini loaves for Christmas table, with the majority of the ingredients from the Raw Ingredients range. I used millet flour, quinoa flour, tapioca starch from Well and Good, with addition of buckwheat flour form Aldi and flaxseed flour from Coles range, to try slight modification of my loaf bread recipe. This modification includes using sour cream instead of butter or grapeseed oil to make the dough.


This recipe with an easy process of dough preparation, and baking bread in a special baking tray for mini-loaves, gave excellent results. The whole process took only 2 hours and some more time for loaves to rest, before we enjoyed our fresh bread.


I am very satisfied with this bread, both its texture and taste. All bread is cut and frozen for Christmas canapés.


And now to the most anticipated test – mixing something old with something new. To improve already excellent dough for ravioli and dumplings, I have modified my recipe to include golden flaxseed flour, together with Well and Good Pastry flour and quinoa flour. I am going to publish a special post, with step by step photos of dough preparation, but I would like to mention the new ingredients list here.



for 1/2 portion (I normally use 300g flour mix portion)

  • 110g Well and Good Pastry flour
  • 25g Well and Good Quinoa flour
  • 15g Coles Golden flaxseed flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 50ml water
  • pinch of sea salt

I can’t resist to present some photos from the future post to show how perfect this ravioli dough was.


It was so easy to work with this dough, to roll it, you do not need much flour for dusting the working surface. I made square ravioli with cooked chicken and vegetables (carrots, onions, leeks and cabbage)


and round ones with fresh prawns, cooked baby leeks, coriander and spicy garlic, sweet peppers and chilli peppers preserve.


The dough is simply a joy to work with.


I am lost for words to describe the taste of the dough. My husband said, that he always liked the filling in ravioli most, and considered the dough just the unavoidable carbohydrate load. He said that this dough was so tasty, that it was actually a question which part of ravioli he preferred. I re-used off-cuts of the dough to make beef cheek and mushroom dumplings, which we had in a broth.


We also tried both types of ravioli, which went to the freezer to be used for Christmas lunch. The dough freezes without splitting, but be careful not to expose ravioli for the frost for too long. As soon as they become hard, transfer them from the tray to airtight container, better to use the glass one, with really tight lid.



Do I need to say what is my verdict for the products I used? They are exceptional in my opinion, and I am gladly going to buy them for my personal use, as I do with flour mixes from Well and Good.

4 thoughts on “Well and Good New Product Range – Raw Ingredients

    1. Thank you! The result exceeded my expectations. Since flaxseed flour reached our shelves I was able to improve dough quality for different baking products. Well and Good Pastry flour was a long time favourite of mine.

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