Making Napoleon Cake in Paleo Version

Gluten free Napoleon cake is the most popular publication of all times in this blog. It is my long-standing favourite cake, though another one, layered hazelnut meringue cake, I baked this year for Christmas, might come very close. When I started to develop recipes for a very strict diet, free of any grains, pseudo-grains, soy, lentils, individual starches of any origin, dairy, and any sugar, including natural and unrefined, I could not have imagined, that Napoleon cake recipe would be possible to modify to these specifications.


But the desire to share the experience of this wonderful cake, with its crisp layers of paper-thin pastry, separated by silky and smooth vanilla cream, was so strong, that I managed to come up with dough and cream recipe for grain, dairy and sugar free Napoleon. It did not have gentle vanilla flavour, coconut will never allow vanilla to shine alone. This cake is more intense and vibrant, with crisp and dry pastry layers, separated by lemon coconut curd cream with chia seeds, which melt into cream texture and are not visible in the cut cake. It took me some time to calculate ratio of honey (to give enough sweetness to compensate for the dough without sweeteners), lemon juice (to bring down coconut domination), egg yolks and eggs (to give a silky texture) and added gelatine leaves (to provide the right consistency of the cream). But once calculations were done, the cream did not disappoint. My first attempt was to bake a small cake and to see how the combination will work.

Since the publication, this grain, dairy and sugar free recipe became the third popular in ecookingblog, after sugar free organic orange marmalade and peel and Kolomna pastila. It was time to bake regular size cake, fit for any festive occasion. The cake was baked as a present, and today I have published step by step recipe for this full size Napoleon cake. I called it Paleo, it’s simply easier to write one word, than to have a long list of what is not in the recipe. I decided to tell subscribers and readers of this blog about this recipe, it simply confirms my belief that anything is possible, even with the most difficult restrictions in ingredients.


Packed, and ready to go.


Happy reading.

Paleo Napoleon Cake


2 thoughts on “Making Napoleon Cake in Paleo Version

  1. I LOVE your website. It is unique and filled with wonderful recipes I would like to try. I hope may celiac and other gluten-free eaters discover this blog. Good job!

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