Homemade Chicken and Beetroot Sausages- Gluten and Dairy Free

Sometimes cooking gluten free meals, attractive and appetising for children, especially with other intolerances and allergies, can be a very difficult task. Baby and children’s food, along with being nutritious and balanced, has to be appealing and delicious. No one wants to have meal time deteriorate into long arguments or bribing sessions. This simple to prepare chicken and beetroot sausages recipe will deliver the product for children to enjoy. It can be cooked not only as sausages of different size, but as patties, or even nuggets, baked in the oven. Mince for this sausages can be prepared in bulk, and both freshly prepared mince and cooked product, could be frozen for longer storage. These sausages are tasty warm and cold, and could be used later for making tiny sandwiches, or even in salads. These sausages are also dairy free, that makes them suitable for a wider range of diets.


In terms of nutrition they are packed with protein for growing bodies and have hidden vegetables, which is an extra bonus, especially for children who refuse to eat vegetables. Even most picky eaters would not resist these sausages. Sausages taste can be adjusted for saltiness and flavours, by regulating the seasoning and inclusion of herbs and spices, appropriate for the age. My 2 previous recipes of chicken sausages with different vegetables can be found here. The use of beetroot in the recipe gives sausages natural sausage colour – gentle pink, but the colour does not come from chemicals, but from faded after cooking beetroot.


  • 650-700g chicken breast meat
  • 2 cooked organic beetroot (200g puree)
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 large egg
  • 2-3 tea spoons of my own garlic, sweet chilli and hot chilli paste (prepared without parsley this time)
  • one and a half tea spoon of sea salt
  • 1/4 tea spoon ground black pepper
  • 30ml water



Seasoning, herbs and spices can be replaced by your own favourite combinations.


  • cook unpeeled beetroot in boiling water until soft
  • cover with cold water and let it to cool down completely
  • peel beetroot, cut it in 1-2cm pieces
  • transfer to a small bowl and blend with a stick blender
  • chop chicken breast in 1-1.5cm pieces
  • place chicken meat, pureed beetroot, an egg, salt, pepper (herbs and spices if using) in food processor bowl
  • process the mixture to fine texture, adding liquid (chicken stock/water) half way
  • spread a piece of cling film on a working surface (use heat-resistant variety of cling film)
  • place sausage mixture and shape it a log
  • roll sausage meat tight in cling film
  • twist the two ends, and tie them securely with twine
  • you cam make each sausage individually, or roll the long sausage and make several smaller sausages
  • place sausages in simmering water and cook them depending on their size for 15 -25 min
  • take sausages out of the water, place them on paper towel to absorb water, take off plastic wrap





Intense dark pink colour of prepared mince will fade during cooking, but some pink tone will remain, and sausages made with beetroot pure would differ in colour, compared to the same sausages made with cauliflower or onions as vegetable ingredient. Those sausages have a very pale colour.




These sausages can be served with salads as a light meal, though I like to go for my absolute favourite – sausages and mash.



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