Easy Dairy and Sugar Free Chocolate Cream for Cakes and Tartlets

Reliable and tasty dairy and sugar free frosting was on my to do list for a long time. I have variety of cream recipes with distinct flavours and nice textures for different types of paleo specifications desserts, but none of them is in the type of butter cream. Many of the recipes close to butter cream texture either have too many ingredients, have gritty texture, or are too runny for piping work on cakes. Many of sugar free recipes have dates as a sweetener, and as a rule demand very powerful blenders. I already ruined one blender on dates, so it is not the road for me. I saw recently an attractive recipe for a chocolate cream with appealing to my heart ingredients and instantly knew that this particular recipe is the one I am going to use as a base. It would have taken many weeks to try this recipe, but fortunately for me, banana and coconut flour sponge I baked, with its plain taste, desperately needed soft cream with the texture strong to keep the shape and to be piped in multi-layered grain and dairy free cake.



This cream also worked wonders when applied as the alternative to a chocolate butter cream in buckwheat orange and chocolate mini tartlets, proving a nice contact to bitter orange jam and vanilla cream.





  • 70g walnuts/walnut meal
  • 100g avocado flesh
  • 100g chopped banana
  • 50g honey
  • 15-20ml lemon juice
  • 20g pure organic cacao powder


  • grind walnuts, walnut meal can be used instead
  • blend avocado, chopped banana, lemon juice and honey with a stick blender until the mixture comes together, it is better done in a special plastic tall glass or narrow and tall bowl
  • add ground walnuts/walnut meal and blend until fine consistency to avoid gritty texture
  • add cocoa powder and mix it in until fully combined and the cream reaches homogeneous texture
  • store in airtight glass container or jar
  • this cream can be used with any type of tips with wide or narrow openings, plastic disposable pasty bags are my preferred option



I was very happy with the mild chocolate taste and silky light texture of this cream. I liked it better than regular butter cream. It is very easy to make, it takes not more than 15 min and the cream is ready. We particularly enjoyed the light feeling of this cream in both the cake and in tartlets. The classic combination of bitter orange marmalade, chocolate cream and vanilla cream in buckwheat shortcrust tartlets tasted amazing. Even after the night in the fridge the crust was still crunchy.


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