Chicken Drumsticks in Organic Tomatoes Sauce

This recipe was originally posted in ecookingblog. We liked this dish, and I have cooked it many times since then, until we run out of these wonderful heirloom organic tomatoes. The recipe essentially satisfies Paleo protocol, but can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. That is why I wanted to share this recipe with a wider audience. The list of ingredients is short and simple.


I used chicken drumsticks both skinless and with skin on. When skinless drumsticks are used, the dish is cooked in one pot. It can be cooked with variety of chicken meat, but I found the overall flavour is more interesting and deep when using meat on the bones. I also like to cook it slowly for a long time, until the meat practically falls of the bone.


For a Paleo protocol the dish can be served with steamed vegetables. zuchhini noodles or any salad.


It is also perfect with mash or just steamed potatoes with butter and dill.


For the convenience of storage the meat can be separated from the bones and kept refrigerated for up to a week. The taste only gets better with reheating.

The recipe and step by step photos can be found here.



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