Chocolate Orange Jam Biscuits – Step by Step Gluten Free Recipe

Rolled jam biscuits are very popular in our household. I call them mini-strudels because of similarities in their preparation, when thick jam is applied over the dough, they are rolled together, the log is cut into bite size pieces and baked as individual biscuits. My favourite jam to use is my homemade thick orange jam/marmalade, but any thick jam with intense and distinct flavour will do. Before baking check how your jam will behave at high temperatures, this is necessary to prevent leakage from the dough during baking. I often use diced peel or crushed nuts to add to the texture of these biscuits. Similar recipe for chocolate orange biscuits was published earlier, it was based on different shortcrust pastry recipe, which I don’t make anymore. Since the discovery of an excellent abilities of buckwheat flour to bind gluten free dough and keep it together without gums, this amazing flour became my favourite ingredient for any type of shortcrust dough recipe.


Buckwheat shortcrust recipes are wholegrain, do not have any starches and do not require gums for the pastry to work. This particular dough, based on sour cream instead of egg, was specifically developed to have a crumbly dry dough with deep chocolate taste that will be a perfect pair to bitter-sweet orange jam with chewy pieces of soft orange peel.


Chocolate and orange biscuits can be baked in different shapes and sizes. The easiest and safest of them is to bake these biscuits in a mini pie tray as mince pies. Another option is to bake biscuits with 2 layers of the dough with orange jam inside.




  • 140g buckwheat flour
  • 15g chia seeds, ground (can be replaced by flaxseed flour)
  • 10g pure cacao powder
  • 40g sugar
  • 5g vanilla sugar
  • 60g butter, room temperature
  • 40g sour cream 40% fat


  • 2 table spoons orange jam (approximately 50g)
  • 50g diced orange peel


  • 1 egg for egg wash to brush biscuits
  • sliced almonds for decoration (optional)



  • mix all sifted dry ingredients
  • add room temperature butter, cut in pieces
  • work butter into dry ingredients until crumbs consistency
  • add sour cream, mix it in
  • work the dough until it gets together
  • use 2 sheets of baking paper to roll the dough, dust the dough lightly with the mix of cacao powder and gluten free flour
  • spread the dough on a baking sheet in a rectangular shape
  • roll the dough working with the rolling pin in all directions from the centre
  • occasionally peel the paper and turn the dough from one side to another for even thickness (3mm)
  • cut the shape of rectangle, use off-cuts again to made different size biscuits
  • apply orange jam in a thin layer, leave 2-3cm of the dough uncovered
  • add diced orange peel and spread it evenly
  • start rolling the dough lifting baking paper sheet gently and slowly, do not roll it tight
  • brush the edge of the rolled dough with egg wash (1 egg with 2 table spoons of water)
  • finish rolling to have the edge of the dough on the bottom
  • cut the log with a sharp knife into individual pieces





  • use dough off-cuts to make free shape biscuits
  • place all biscuits on a lined baking tray
  • decorate with sliced almonds (if using)
  • brush with egg wash
  • bake in preheated to 165C fan forced oven for 25 min



  • rest biscuits on a wire rack



  • dust with icing sugar if desired


These biscuits have a perfect balance in texture with a crumbly soft pastry and chewy pieces of peel. Orange jam provides necessary extra moisture to a biscuit. Plain biscuits from this dough will be on a dry side. The texture did not change on the next day, beyond that there were no biscuits left to try. These biscuits may be not very good for young children as they have relatively high cacao content.



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