Christmas Fruit Cake – Grain, Starches, Dairy and Sugar Free

The recipe for this Christmas cake was developed for my e-cooking blog with very strict dietary limitations, where I could use only nuts and seeds as dry ingredients. Another significant limitation concerns any natural sugars, including unrefined ones, which leaves me with only honey, that I can use as a sweetener. All these restrictions made the challenge in front of me only interesting. This year my goal was to create festive looking frosting on the fruit cake, I have been baking for quite some time. It might look that the task of baking and assembling this cake is too difficult, but all major components of the cake can be prepared in advance, the cake batter is easy to make and not too difficult to bake.


The combination of Swiss meringue and thick cranberry syrup frosting, topped with pistachios and roasted hazelnuts, makes the cake colourful and provides the vibrant and intense balance of sweet and tart taste to accompany the mild and delicate taste of the cake itself.





I thought that some baking solutions, used in this cake, can be of interest to a larger audience in this blog.

The cut cake from the last Christmas season without the frosting and with different mixture of dried fruits.


The full recipe with step by step photos can be seen here.


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