Organic Roasted Pumpkin with Chorizo Sausage

I am lost for words to describe the meal we had for lunch today. It was something out of this world. Nothing difficult, sophisticated or time-consuming. Organic pumpkin from our friends garden, roasted with a touch of olive oil, dry thyme and artisan sea salt, with caramelised onions, roasted chorizo sausage and slices of fresh figs on top, served with fresh juicy salad. Dare I say, that I even asked for a glass of wine? Not exactly glass, but few sips are more than enough for me. My husband initially rejected figs in his meal,

but changed his mind soon afterwards as he witnessed my pure joy from the dish I was having.

The queen of this dish is definitely homegrown with tender loving care butternut pumpkin. No extras were needed to enhance its amazing taste. I sliced it reasonably thin, added very little olive oil, sea salt and dry thyme and roasted on 2 flat trays, lined with baking paper. I did not watch the time, but the temperature was 190C, in fan forced oven.

Both slices and wedges were just perfect, with thin and tender skin adding wonderful texture to the bite.

What about caramelised onions? Aren’t they delicious enough, simply slowly fried in butter? They definitely are, but with 2 tricks, one generously suggested by a wonderful cook (go here for stories and recipes) and the second of my own making, onions were taken to another level. I was advised, that infusing butter with pumpkin seeds and strands of inner flesh, and using it to cook onions for pumpkin soup or risotto, will dramatically enhance flavours. I loved this idea, slowly and tenderly cooked everything I got out of pumpkin in plenty of butter until all the flesh practically melted.

The first straining gave me flavoured butter, the second cooked pumpkin buttered puree, both ready to be used for risotto and soup. I gently fried seasoned onions in this flavoured butter, then (!) added just a tea spoon of pomegranate molasses, cooked some more and finally rested onions, while thin slices of chorizo sausage were baked in the oven.

I served the assembled dish only just warm, photography still takes time, but I think the dish only benefited because of that. Too many times, when roasted dish is served too hot, or even warm, the true flavours can’t be tasted in all their splendour. I am not going to write any more about our lunch, simply writing and remembering makes me salivating.

So, no ingredients and no preparation, everything is clear and simple. Nothing beats quality produce and simple cooking with your heart.

Bon appetite and Thanks to our friends for the first pumpkin, 2 more waiting their turn.


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