Buckwheat Flour Pear Cake GF

The cake can be described as a mix of several recipes in one, bakewell tart, jam crostata and fresh pear pie among them. I selected the soft and flaky dough, which slightly reminds scone dough, but is a touch firmer to be pliable in rolling. The dough is based on cottage cheese, butter, egg and buckwheat flour as the only source of dry ingredients. The texture of the baked dough will vary depending on the way butter is incorporated into the dough. I wanted the flaky effect of puff pastry and that is why I had my butter in reasonable size pieces, not fully mixed and incorporated into cottage cheese. Quantities of ingredients allow to bake 24-25cm cake with some minor dough scrapes made into jam mini tartlets.

To be practical I used 20-21 cm cake paper lining cases, spread to cover the bottom and sides of tart baking pan, with some extra paper protecting the edges of the cake from burning during baking. I used special plum spread filling for baking. Thick texture and semi-sweet and sour taste of the spread made it perfect in the cake.

Thick homemade jams with high pectin content can be used to replace this commercial product. Another alternative I can suggest – not overly sweet homemade fruit or berries jam, thickened with chia seeds, that prevents the jam for going liquid and leaking from the pastry.

This cake can be baked where halved pears are covered with thinner layers of any shortcrust pastry without jam added, as type of covered fresh fruit crostata, or even individual pear pieces in crust cakes.



  • 100g unsalted butter, soft or hard, depending on the way you going to incorporate it into cottage cheese
  • 140g cottage cheese (ricotta cheese)
  • 1 egg (mine was 55g without shell)
  • 100g sugar (you can increase sugar quantity for a sweeter cake)
  • 10g vanilla sugar (or any gluten free vanilla source)
  • 200g buckwheat flour
  • 6g/1 tea spoon baking powder
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 1 tea spoon lemon extract (optional)


  • 4 small ripe pears
  • thick plum jam/spread, I used half of the jar
  • egg wash (optional)


  • wash and dry pears
  • cut pear cheeks, 2-3mm from the core
  • place them on paper towel, cut side down
  • chop butter in half of the flour or flake it into flour
  • mix baking powder with another half of buckwheat flour
  • add lemon juice, lemon extract, vanilla sugar, sugar and egg to cottage cheese
  • mix all wet ingredients together
  • add both portions of buckwheat flour
  • mix wet and dry ingredients, I used pastry scraper, it allowed some butter to be left in pieces inside the dough
  • divide the dough into 2 slightly uneven portions
  • roll the dough, using as little flour/flour mix as possible to dust working surface and the dough itself
  • I do all the rolling on a sheet of baking paper, finally turning the dough into spread cake paper lining
  • insert paper lining with a rolled dough into tart baking pan (any round or square baking tin is fine as well)
  • place pear cheeks on the pastry, if particularly juicy pears are used, dip the cut into flour or starch, brush off the excess, I like to leave the skin on, it gives an amazing texture of the baked pear flesh

  • carefully place jam around pear halves (my plum filling was so thick that I had to use small pastry bag to pipe the filling around pears
  • press the filling down with wet fingers to make the surface level

  • roll the second piece of the dough
  • place it on top, starting from the centre
  • carefully push the dough down to “hug” each pear piece, use fork or knife to expel air from air pockets

  • pinch dough edges together, cut the excess
  • brush the top of the cake with egg wash twice
  • use excess dough for decoration or to make jam tartlets

  • bake in preheated to 170C fan forced oven for 45 minutes
  • it might be a good idea to use half or third of baking time without fan option, it will make sure the bottom is properly baked without the top going too dark
  • the cake is going to be lighter in colour without egg wash brushing, the surface would not be as pretty, sugar icing can be used to decorate plain cake surface

  • paper lining helps enormously to manipulate baked cake
  • remove the sides of the baking pan
  • slide the cake from the bottom of the pan to a wire rack
  • let the cake rest for 10-15 min on a wire rack
  • I like cake bottoms dry and crunchy, without any moisture left from staying in paper lining
  • as soon as cake bottom hardens a little, I take paper lining out and return the cake on the rack to the warm oven to dry the bottom
  • do not risk to take paper lining immediately after baking, when the cake is still very soft and can go into wire rack
  • cut and serve cake when warm or cold, the cake retains its soft texture the next day

The cake with a soft and flaky pastry, tart jam layer and practically liquid pear pieces, melting in your mouth, is absolutely perfect served with lightly whipped vanilla cream.

Jam mini tartlets very excellent as well.


2 thoughts on “Buckwheat Flour Pear Cake GF

    1. Thank you. We enjoyed the cake, I liked how the pastry turned out and plan to use this type of dough for other recipes. I also liked that the recipe worked with fresh pears, no preparation necessary.

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