Canned Peaches Mousse

Cream and gelatin based mousse, flavoured with vanilla and canned peaches puree, is a light, easy to prepare versatile dessert, that can be served with variety of sauces or used as a layer in mousse cakes. Process of mousse preparation takes only 10-15 minutes, but you have to wait for mousse to set in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. Mousse, set in individual containers, is a handy dessert for picnics or outdoor parties, while the use of silicone trays allows to make perfect shapes for individual cake or servings.

Peaches mousse can be set in any glass or quality plastic container and scooped out with any serving or ice-cream spoon. Dark bitter chocolate or crushed nuts add flavour and texture to the dessert. Runny or thick fruit/berry sauces compliment both the taste and the texture of the mousse and create a delicious, light and refreshing dessert.

Cream based mousse with canned peaches or pears, paired with apple, almond flour and chocolate sponge, produces wonderful cakes.


  • 1 large can of sliced peaches (pears) in juice or mango nectar/pulp, no sugar added
  • 200g of peaches puree
  • 100g of liquid from the can
  • 300ml thickened cream 35% fat
  • 4 leaves of gold grade gelatin
  • 30-45g of sugar
  • 5g vanilla sugar or 1 tea spoon of vanilla paste

For peaches mousse I usually use 45g of sugar, for sweeter pears 30g was enough for our taste.


  • soak gelatin leaves in cold water
  • separate canned peach slices from the liquid

  • blend peach slices into fine puree
  • squeeze water from gelatin leaves
  • add gelatin to 100ml of the liquid from the can
  • heat sauce pan with the liquid on low heat until gelatin is fully dissolved, do not overheat the solution

  • whisk the cream with sugar and vanilla

  • add gelatin solution to 200g of peaches puree, mix well, for a finer texture, without any undissolved gelatin pieces, put the solution through the sieve

  • add peach mixture to whipped cream

  • mix until fully combined

  • transfer the mixture into one large container, individual containers or tray cups to set

  • if using silicone trays, make the surface of the mixture level

  • mousse quantity from the ingredients list above is enough to fill 8 silicone dome cups
  • refrigerate mousse to set
  • to get the perfectly shaped individual servings, freeze the mousse in silicone tray
  • remove mousse portions while still frozen, let them defrost in the fridge or at room temperature to be ready for serving

  • mix the remaining peach puree with remaining liquid to make the sauce, the best sauce is made if peaches are canned in mango pulp/nectar

From culinary delights to wildlife delights. I could not resist to share our experiences during the usual Sunday morning walk in Westerfolds Park (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). Crispy and fresh air of a cold winter morning did not drive away big gatherings of our beloved representatives of wildlife. Kangaroos and all sorts of birds were everywhere, making our time very enjoyable.


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