Crimson Magnolia in Bloom

August is the most beautiful time in our Melbourne garden. One by one all 11 camellia trees put their colourful dresses. Cyclamens and ground-covers deliver all colours from white to dark purple and violet, rhododendron just started blooming. But nothing can be compared to magnolia tree, still completely bare from foliage with its large crimson blossoms. This year they are darker and larger than usual. I could not resist to share the images of this breathtakingly beautiful tree in our front garden. Have a look and enjoy the splendour!


It was a dark and gloomy, rainy winter day with short sunny breaks.



4 thoughts on “Crimson Magnolia in Bloom

    1. The area we live has plenty of regular white magnolias, walking around these times of late winter takes my breath away. Cherry trees will be the next and jacaranda trees in late spring. It took time to adjust to Christmas in our part of the world with sometimes 40 degrees C outside.

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