Vegan Buckwheat Bread – Gluten, Yeast and Gums Free

I have been baking gluten, sugar and yeast free bread based on apples and buckwheat flour in many modifications, using fresh apples, apple puree, different cooked vegetables puree, as well as fresh cauliflower blended into crumbs. The recipe survived all modifications with flying colours and proved to be flexible and reliable. I had requests from several readers for egg replacement in the recipe. It was a quite common topic in discussions about ingredient replacement. It was interesting for me to try flax “egg” version of the recipe, making this bread suitable for vegan diet.

One of the requests was also related to whole egg replacement with only egg whites, with the elimination of egg yolks, reducing fat content and enriching bread with protein. For that purpose I baked the loaf based on 3 egg whites, instead of 2 whole eggs. The result, both visually and taste wise was identical.

The colour of the loaf reminds rye bread, but it greatly differs in taste, which is mild with a touch of flaxseed overtones. The bread is quite dense as all breads of this line are, but is soft to the bite. It does not crumble when cut.


  • 25g flax seeds, ground
  • 75g water, room temperature
  • 150g peeled apple pieces or 150g pure apple puree
  • 130g buckwheat flour
  • 4g sea salt
  • 6g baking soda (can be replaced by baking powder)
  • 1g cumin powder (can be replaced by garlic powder or any other dry spice mix)
  • 10g flaxseed meal

The use of baking powder instead of baking soda, and golden flax seeds give lighter colour to the crust and the insides of the bread loaf.


  • grind 25g flax seeds, add 75g water, mix
  • let flax “egg” stand for 15-30 minutes for the flax seeds to absorb all water, the mixture can be kept refrigerated, I used one portion after being stored for 48 hours refrigerated without any change in baking product, let the mixture become room temperature before use
  • mix all dry ingredients: buckwheat flour, flaxseed meal, baking soda/baking powder, salt, cumin (other spices) powder
  • blend flax egg with apple pieces or apple puree on high for 5-7 minutes, the mixture will not increase its volume compared to blending apples/apple puree with whole eggs or egg whites
  • add dry ingredients to wet ingredients, mix them well
  • transfer the batter to well greased baking pan (10cm x 20cm), in regular size bread loaf baking tin the loaf will be flat
  • bake in preheated to 170C oven for 60 min with no fan regime, this regime allows the batter to rise higher during relatively slow baking
  • let the loaf rest on a wire rack
  • this bread can be cut while still warm

The texture stays the same on the second day, just cover the loaf with a kitchen towel. Sliced bread can be frozen and defrosted in a toaster. Contrary to other gluten free bread, buckwheat and apple bread tastes better fresh and is good without being toasted.

Other recipes of buckwheat bread with whole eggs as an ingredient can be found here (with apples/apple puree),

here recreated with different vegetables by other blogger (with cooked vegetable puree),

here (with fresh cauliflower).


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