Baking Options for Orange Almond and Poppy Seed Batter

Orange almond and poppy-seed cake is our favourite bake among 5 orange and almond cake recipes. Poppy seeds provide additional structural support to this flourless batter, as well as give extra flavour to already intense and vibrant taste of orange and almond cake. I usually bake a small cake from 2 eggs batter in a circle baking tin. Initially I used sugar on top of butter in generously greased tin. This method gave wonderful sweet and crunchy crust that nicely contrasted with the soft and moist cake. However, even without sugar, the crust is still nice, it might look a touch darker though.

The texture of the cake can differ in a narrow range, depending on the texture of cooked orange puree. Too juicy and thin puree can result in an extra moist cake, that can deflate slightly after the cake rested.

Another baking tin with an opening in the middle, small Bundt type baking tin, also suits orange almond and poppy-seed batter. The only critical point while using this tin, is to be sure that all its surfaces are carefully and generously greased to get a perfect undamaged crust.

Double portion of the batter can be successfully baked as a large, but not high, upside down cake, especially decorative if the bottom of the tin has a pattern. The cake can be decorated with icing sugar or with chocolate icing.

Round cakes are better baked in springform tins with removable sides. It gives an option to remove sides, when the cake rests, and allow extra moisture to escape. The round cake, shown below was baked with honey, as the replacement for sugar. When baking with honey lower temperatures should be used to avoid early burning of the sides and top of the cake.

It might be even better to bake the batter based on honey in lined baking tins to protect the batter from extreme heat exposure.

This baking regime allows to be absolutely sure that none of the cake crusts would end up burned.

Another option in sugar replacement is to use pure glucose powder as a sweetener. This option may be useful to avoid adding additional fructose, as regular sugar is transformed into glucose and fructose in our bodies. Glucose powder in texture is more like icing sugar, and the final texture of muffins baked from glucose based batter is not that moist as in cakes, based on regular sugar. They are also a touch darker.

Orange, almond and poppy-seed batter can be baked not only in round, loaf and circle shape cakes or muffins, but also as plain or coated biscuits.

The batter can be baked in the shape of donuts, coated with icing sugar or chocolate glazing.

If you are not afraid to spend time and effort, homemade gluten free Jaffa cakes are an incredible and amazingly tasty option. Orange almond and poppy-seed batter is used to create sophisticated individual biscuits with orange marmalade filling and chocolate icing.

To create individual pieces from this batter is easy, all you need are special baking trays.

Knowing that Christmas is not that far away, it might be appropriate to mention that bakes from this batter stay moist and soft for several days, and could be an ideal grain, gluten and dairy free present.

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  3. Jaffa biscuits and donuts

Hard to decide what to bake? It is always good to have choices, even in baking.


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