2 Ingredients Blackcurrant Preserve – No Cooking

This simple preserve with only two ingredients – frozen black currants and sugar – is easy to prepare and delight to eat. As moderately thick spread, when made with regular granulated sugar, it contains all vitamins and antioxidants intact, because the mixture is not cooked or even heated. It can be made with fresh berries in parts of the world where black currants grow and can be relatively abundant and cheap in season. Frozen black currants are usually not available in supermarkets, but can be found in quality greengrocer stores. I make two versions of the spread, the regular one with sugar, and another one with glucose powder, for those who can’t digest sucrose. Step by step recipe for the latter can be found here.

All photos in this publication are done when using glucose powder as a sweetener. Regular sugar makes preserve a touch thicker in consistency.


  • 500g bag of frozen black currants
  • 500g sugar


There are two ways to make blackcurrant preserve. The first one includes 2 steps, one in food processor and the second, finishing step, using stick blender.

Now I prefer another, easier way, with everything happening in one bowl and using only stick blender.

  • place frozen berries into a deep and tall glass bowl (Pyrex bowls with round bottoms are ideal)
  • cover them with sugar, leave them to thaw
  • when all berries reach room temperature, mix them with sugar and blend them to get juices out
  • stir very coarse mixture, let it stand until all sugar is soaked with juice
  • stir occasionally, when two ingredients become fully combined finish blending to desired texture, coarse with small pieces of berries, or fine and smooth
  • let preserve rest until sugar is completely dissolved, if room temperature is low, place the bowl into another, larger bowl with lukewarm water to speed sugar to dissolve
  • transfer preserve into clean glass jars, store refrigerated

Smaller berries produce preserve with a high pectin content, which sets into a thick, jam like product. Larger size berries, with more juices give sweeter and more runny product.

Blackcurrant preserve is just amazing, with ideal balance of sweet and tart taste. I make it on regular basis, especially in winter.


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