Gluten Free Expo 2018 in Melbourne

Last Sunday I went to Gluten Free Expo to make the research about any new products and trends developing in gluten free products becoming available. In no way this publication is a review of all the variety of gluten free produce one can nowadays get in supermarkets and speciality shops. My main interest was concentrated on gluten free ready to use baked bread, as well as other bread like products, buns, wraps etc. Speciality flour mixes to make pancakes or bake cakes, muffins were not included, as I never buy and use them in my kitchen. I also want to point out that I personally do not tolerate soy flour and belong to a niche group of coeliacs and people with other digestive tract diseases who has to exclude soy flour from the diet. My emphasis during this Expo was to find any available gluten and soy free options among the produce represented in Expo.

I am sorry to admit, that the trend of introducing soy flour in flour mixes and ready to use gluten free products, which started some time ago is doing its job and it is very difficult to find now many alternatives in bread and bread like products, as well as plain and speciality gluten free flour mixes that do not have soy flour as one of the main ingredients. I already wrote about GF Precinct bakery with its amazing Buckwheat and Chia bread, that is in my opinion the best gluten free loaf bread you can buy. Well and Good, my favourite gluten free company, which products I buy on regular basis, introduced already baked bread products that are free of soy flour as all range of their gluten free products.

There is also a new name in gluten free bread in Australia, UK company Genius with variety of bread products in supermarkets (I saw them in Coles).

I bought three different loaves to try and to test them and will publish a special review on them later. I can only applaud that the company provides choice to those who have to exclude not only gluten, but also soy flour from their diet.

My old favourite in wraps – Diego’s company – introduced new type of wrap, which I have tasted rolled with fillings at the Expo. And as their 2 other products, which I enjoy very much and buy on regular basis (here and here), it was an excellent one.

There was nothing available in ready to eat small snacks with long shelf life, except nicely presented and deliciously tasting almond bread with different nuts and dry fruits handmade by greenwhisk company 

The taste of all varieties was pleasantly not overly sweet and company has many different options for elegant presents.

I was delighted to find soba noodles, made completely from gluten free buckwheat flour. I am going to try 2 different varieties, provided to me as samples, in soba dishes with sauces, and dedicate a separate publication to those products.

And finally, another amazing product caught my attention – almond cream, creamy paste made from blanched almonds, perfect on its own, but I can only imagine absolutely divine in grain, dairy and sugar free dessert recipes. I am looking forward to create those. The company’s almond milk itself greatly differs from highly processed varieties of almond milk.

Details of above mentioned products, their use and recipes with them as ingredients will be published in future posts.


8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Expo 2018 in Melbourne

    1. We have several nut products on the market, nut butter is a popular product. It can be done at home with powerful blender, grinding fresh or roasted nuts to the texture of coarse or fine paste. They can be used as a spread or as one of the ingredients for the dough. Cookie dough based on peanut butter is quite popular.
      Almond milk can be a tricky ingredient if used to replace regular milk in dairy free recipes. Commercial almond milk can be highly processed product with a long list of ingredients that can interact with unforeseen consequences with gluten free flour mixes, complex products in their own right.

      1. I agree with you about commercial milk! On the other hand it saves time :). But organic, of course, the best! In Russia nut butter costs a fortune or bad quality!😒

    1. This almond cream is a unique product with amazing silky creamy texture and delicate sweet overtone, coming from fresh almonds. I have to think long and hard how to emphasise there qualities in a recipe.

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