Diego’s GoWell Power Wrap Lamb and Coriander Rolls

We love and regularly buy Diego’s GoWell gluten free wraps, they are absolutely delicious as a warm meal with any protein source with plenty of fresh vegetables. During Gluten Free Expo 2018 I tried the new product – Power Wrap – made from ancient wholegrains, that make over 40% of flour content in the product. Organic blue corn masa and organic black rice flour are among them. I liked the taste of the wrap, made as bite size rolls, with ham and vegetables. I decided to borrow the idea and make similar type of rolls at home as another version of wrap use. This time I also wanted to try another sauce option for the wrap. As much as I like using ketchup or tomato sauce, it was time to use something different to get completely another flavour.

We also prepared a warm wrap, similar to that I was making before, with cheese, crumbs of chicken meatloaf and vegetables, flavoured by fresh coriander paste (recipes here).

I like everything about this wrap – it’s colour, taste, and what is even more important, the nutritional value brought up by wholegrain ingredients with high protein and fibre content. In my opinion this wrap is even tastier, compared to the previous one. It is great comfort food. I also think that power wrap has more flexible texture, allowing it to be rolled and folded when warm without cracks. Our verdict is simple, we buy it and enjoy eating. It is not cheap, but none of quality gluten free bread like products are. With power wrap you know that your money buys you not only tasty product, but the one which is nutritionally sound. Packaging size is practical with 4 wraps in a pack, that could be stored refrigerated for 3 days after opening. Another advantage is the choice of ingredients, making the product suitable not only for gluten free, but also vegan diet.

Wrap rolls preparation:

You can use any selection of protein, vegetables and sauces. For rolls preparation everything should be thinly sliced.

  • warm power wrap on a dry or greased frying pan, flat crepes pan is the most convenient choice
  • for an easy rolling leave the wrap on a pan during preparation
  • apply herb paste or sauce
  • use thinly sliced ham (we used Mediterranean lamb)
  • make one or two vegetable layers
  • use seasoning if necessary
  • roll the wrap with fillings tight
  • secure with tooth picks and slice to bite size if desired

I served rolls for lunch as a meal with beetroot salad.

I also make warm wraps, which we enjoy so much, as quick, comforting and nourishing meal, using chicken and cauliflower meatloaf as protein sauce, together with mozzarella cheese, capsicum, tomatoes, radishes and fresh coriander.

Preparation of warm wraps, with step by step photos, can be found in previous publication.


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