Well and Good White Seeded Loaf Bread – Review

It has been nearly two months since I went to Gluten Free Melbourne Expo where I got Well and Good sliced white seeded bread. It is baked in medium and large size loaf and is sliced in not too thick slices, that I prefer. It is important to mention that bread is not only gluten, but also dairy, soy and egg free, that makes it completely vegan. Bread loaf was stored all this time frozen and used by defrosting it in a toaster. To see bread texture without toasting, some slices were defrosted at room temperature.

To characterise this bread in short I will simply say that seeded bread was the best I have tried out of variety of commercial gluten free white bread, both for open and closed sandwiches, as well as fried as a French toast.

Bread itself has a taste, which is not so often found in gluten free white bread. The taste, however, is not too bold and allows to use bread with both savoury and sweet toppings.

Seeded loaf is well baked and retains its shape even when defrosted at room temperature. Being structurally sound, however, does not prevent nice softness. Bread is not wet, that can often be found in gluten free bread, but is not too dry either, that I noticed in Genius bread of similar range. I can only congratulate recipe creators for avoiding all possible problems of gluten free bread: excessive moisture or dryness, high density, bland taste, too soft and wobbly texture. All these are positives on the taste and texture side. Nutrition panel is also impressive for this range of gluten free bread, where predominant ingredients are starches of different nature. Seeded bread stands out with its nearly 3% protein content (usually 0.5-1.0%), total amount of seeds reaches 12%. It has flaxseed and buckwheat flour, is enriched with spirulina, while psyllium adds to fibre content.

Seed bread is perfect for french toast. Lightly toasted and soaked in a liquid of your choice, (I used egg and milk mixture) fried in fat of your choice (I used butter), french toast has just the right texture throughout, soft and moist in the middle with gentle crust around it. It can be served in savoury and sweet version. With sweet and sour homemade raspberry preserve it makes a delightful and nourishing breakfast.

Medium and large loaf give consumers a choice depending of family size and personal preferences. The only negative thing to mention about this bread, as many other Well and Good excellent products, (Plain and Pastry Flour among my absolute favourites) is that you can’t buy them in supermarkets, you have to go to speciality shops for plain flour, and buy bread and pastry flour online. However, after the initial discovery of which products you like and use often, buying bulk online makes products a budget buy.

The main point from this review is the fact, that even I bake my own bread, both yeast bread from own flour mixes, and yeast free bread based on buckwheat/quinoa flour, I am happy to buy and consume Well and Good white seeded loaf as an excellent bread for sandwiches and warm toasts.

All Well and Good products in baked gluten free bread can be found here.


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