Mountain Rice with Vegetables in One Pot

I like to cook gluten free grains (rice, millet), or pseudo-grains (buckwheat, quinoa), with variety of vegetables in my home-made chicken stock. Sometimes I add poultry or meat, either fresh, or already cooked, to make a completely balanced meal in one dish. Cooking is done in three steps. The first is to saute vegetables, the second adding grains and boiling hot stock, and cooking to the stage when grains are not fully cooked with very little liquid left in the pot, the third is to rest the dish in a pot, covered with kitchen towels, or a blanket, to keep it warm for longer, for grains to be cooked to the desired texture. When meat or poultry is added to vegetables, the first step takes longer and cooking time depends on the type of meat. With only vegetables added to rice, it takes only time for onions to get soft and translucent. The duration of the second step depends on the type of grain, where brown or mountain rice takes the longest time to cook.

This time I cooked multicoloured mountain rice with onions, carrots, pumpkin and cherry tomatoes. It was served with fast fried turkey breast fillets,

accompanied by homemade tomato sauce.


  • 1 cup of mountain rice
  • 2 cups of chicken stock (see liquid to rice ratio on the packaging)
  • olive oil and coconut oil 1:1 mixture to saute vegetables
  • 1 large onion/leek
  • 2 carrots
  • piece of butternut pumpkin, equivalent to quantity of carrots
  • 8-10 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • pinch of cumin seeds
  • seasoning of sea salt and black pepper only needed for frying onions, as the stock itself has plenty of seasoning and flavours from herbs and spices used to make chicken stock


  • prepare mountain rice by washing it in water, better overnight, changing water 3-4 times, until it stays clear

  • use home-made chicken or vegetable stock (see here)

  • the best pot to make this dish is cast iron Dutch oven, or any other pot with thick bottom
  • heat oil mixture, add cumin seeds
  • slice onion in semi-circles, gently fry it until it starts to soften
  • add grated carrots and pumpkin, stir
  • cook on medium/low heat for 5 minutes
  • drain rice, add it to the pot, stir, cook for 2-3 minutes, as you do for risotto
  • add boiling stock and cherry tomatoes
  • cover with lid and cook 3/4 of the time recommended for rice on the package
  • when only minute quantity of moisture is left in the pot, cover the pot with lid, put kitchen towels over it and let the dish rest for 30-60 minutes, time depends on how well the heat is maintained
  • mix and serve

  • fast fried turkey recipe can be found here

Multicoloured rice is harder to cook to the same level of grain texture. Different grains have different times to be either al dente or fully cooked.

8 thoughts on “Mountain Rice with Vegetables in One Pot

  1. Горный рис? Из любопытства погуглил, не продают ли у нас такой – нашел где-то около 40 разных сортов риса в продаже, но горного нет. Он по вкусу похож на какой-нибудь другой рис?

    1. У нас под этим названием продают смесь длинно-зернового черного, красного и коричневого риса. Как индивидуальные виды риса, я посмотрела, они продаются и в России. Рисинки длинные, как палочки. Готовятся долго, как любой коричневый рис, но имеют и индивидуальные особенности при разваривании. Черный и красный варятся дольше, поэтому лучше на самом деле брать индивидуальный вид риса для более однородной консистенции блюда.
      Увидела этот комментарий только сегодня, когда чистила спам. Буду публиковать этот рецепт и в Готовим без Глютена.

      1. Ага, по отдельности такие виды риса у нас продаются. Впрочем, смесь тоже продается, но она так и называется – “смесь черного, красного и коричневого риса”. Никогда не пробовал, кстати, ни одного из этих видов риса.

    1. I simply love cooking in one pot and use homemade stock which I always have and vegetables to enrich the flavours of rice or any other grain. I have also found that resting the dish as final stages of cooking suits our needs and cooking routines perfectly.

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