Gluten Free Pork Teriyaki

I am not even going to pretend that it is an authentic dish. I made it first many years ago, before diagnosed with coeliac disease. I don’t even remember where and when I learned about teriyaki sauce. All I remember is that the dish is very easy and fast to make, using approximately equal quantities of soy sauce, oil and sugar, to cook any type of meat or poultry. The simplicity of the dish with so few ingredients and the time to make it were very appealing. It tasted delicious, the meat was always soft and juicy and the dish could be served with practically anything, starting with steamed bok choy, or any steamed vegetables, and finishing with rice, pasta or noodles. Variations were endless, and because of that the dish stayed on our menu. The only difference when our household went gluten free was the change of soy sauce from regular to gluten free version.

The dish is usually served warm, but I have found out that any leftovers, cold and thinly sliced, can be successfully used in salads, sandwiches and wraps.


  • pork fillet, allows 2 or 3 generous servings
  • gluten free soy sauce
  • oil (I used cold pressed olive oil)
  • sugar (any sugar will do, but I like to use aromatic sugars, in this case Demerara sugar)

Ingredients for the sauce are used in approximately equal quantities. For one, medium size pork fillet, I used 1 table spoon of olive oil and soy sauce, and a touch less than table spoon of sugar.


I cook this dish on a medium to medium/low heat.

  • wash pork fillet and dry it on paper towel
  • cut the fillet in slices 0.8-1.0 cm thick
  • warm frying pan on medium heat
  • add olive oil, soy sauce
  • add sugar, wait until all sugar is dissolved and the sauce becomes hot

  • add meat to the pan, do not overcrowd the pan, it is better to cook meat in 2 batches if necessary
  • cook for 2-3 minutes on one side, until the edges become cooked and light coloured
  • turn each piece over to cook on the other side

The dish can be served straight from the pan. The sauce can be drizzled over meat and side dish. It usually takes less time to cook pork, compared to cooking rice, pasta or to steam vegetables.

I like to cook chicken breast tenderloins the same way. Their size and thickness are perfect for this dish.

7 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pork Teriyaki

  1. Эх, жаль, что этот рецепт Вы не вчера опубликовали. Он бы мне весьма пригодился. А то пришлось свинину банально пожарить. 🙂

      1. Видимо, запамятовал. Хотя, вчера такой суматошный день выдался, что это совсем неудивительно. 🙂

    1. И еще я люблю свинину готовить с луком, яблоками и черносливом, правда это подольше по времени, но тоже очень вкусно с минимумом ингредиентов.

      1. Я как-то не любитель чернослива. Хотя, некоторые блюда с ним нравятся.

      2. С кислыми яблоками получается интересно, и чернослива надо совсем немного, хотя я готовила и без него.

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