Tasmanian Crayfish Tail Salad

This is another dish from our last Christmas lunch. This salad is so delicious with a delicate taste, that I am sure it will stay on our Christmas menu for many years to come. It is a hearty salad as the one with root vegetables and eggs. However, it is still light, refreshing and is perfect served as an entree. I can mention several advantages of this salad:

  • it is a cold dish, very handy when Christmas day is very hot
  • it is a festive dish, as it has an ingredient – Tasmanian Crayfish tail – that you do not buy for everyday meal
  • compared to lobster, crayfish tail is much easier in preparation, with special kitchen scissors it takes may be 1-2 minutes to get the shell off the meat
  • the portion of the salad from 1 crayfish tail will be enough to feed the large family
  • for the small family like ours, this salad keeps very well refrigerated, its taste actually gets better

And here is the star of the salad, fresh (not frozen) Tasmanian Crayfish tail.



In the salad

The idea for this salad comes from smoked trout salad with exactly the same ingredients, where at different times I had replaced smoked trout flakes with crab meat, lobster flesh from claws and tail, and now with crayfish tail. So far the salad with Tasmanian crayfish was the best. I made it for the second time today and could get only frozen tail. Though cooked tail looked less impressive, cooking the tail from being frozen did not in any way affected the taste of the salad.


The taste of the salad is influenced greatly by other ingredients used. That is why I mention the brands of pickled cucumbers and mayonnaise I used.

  • 1 Tasmanian Crayfish tail cooked, finely chopped
  • 5 large hard-boiled eggs, finely chopped
  • can of baby peas (Coles brand, made in France), reserve the liquid
  • dill cucumbers traditional style, 680g jar (brand Always Fresh), reserve the liquid
  • 1 medium size onion, finely chopped
  • 4 large carrots, peeled and boiled or steamed
  • gluten free whole egg SW real mayonnaise, 4-5 table spoons
  • pinch of sea salt if needed


  • peel and boil/steam carrots, do not overcook them, place them in cold water to cool down
  • boil eggs for at least 10 minutes, place them in cold water
  • cook crayfish, I took the advice from fishmonger and steamed the fresh tail for 12 minutes (frozen one for 15 minutes), let it cool down
  • take the shell off

  • cut carrots and dill cucumbers in very small pieces
  • chop eggs finely
  • chop onions finely
  • chop crayfish tail finely

  • place all ingredients in a large bowl
  • in a separate bowl place mayonnaise, add 2-3 table spoons of canned pea liquid and 1 table spoon of dill cucumbers liquid
  • combine with a whisk, if using different mayonnaise, runny in texture, you might not need to dilute it, however a touch of liquids from both products make crayfish shine in this salad, and not to be overpowered by taste and texture of the mayonnaise

  • add thinned mayonnaise and combine all ingredients
  • the salad is ready

The taste of crayfish is quite different, compared to smoked trout I used originally in this salad, it demands more delicate dressing. In more strong flavoured smoked trout salad, I use the mix of the same mayonnaise and Dijonnaise, thinning them with just a table spoon of dill cucumbers liquid.

The same salad with smoked trout

Salad with cooked crab meat

Salad with lobster

Salad with Tasmanian Crayfish – the best!

10 thoughts on “Tasmanian Crayfish Tail Salad

  1. Интересные разновидности Оливье. Никогда не пробовал с крабами и ракообразными.

    1. Это оказывается самый большой в мире по размеру пресноводный рак. И есть он только у нас, в штате Тасмания, что отдельный остров между материком и Южным полюсом. Очень вкусно.

      1. Никогда о таком не слышал. Что, в общем-то, неудивительно, учитывая его ареал обитания. 🙂

  2. It makes me immediately hungry!!!! Looks absolutely delicious!!!! And ya right this salad originally always includes crayfishes)))))😋😋🤤🤤👍💞

    1. This year I enjoyed the salad so much, that we made it the second time. I hope I do not see them again, too much temptation! Christmas cake was also a hit, I can’t believe it’s happening, but the third one is in the oven. Yesterday we finished the second one. I had a very nice parcel of naturally dried whole cranberries and soft cydonia from Riga, could not resist to try them in cake, they give perfect taste with plenty of tart overtones.

      1. Wow it’s so great Irena!!!! Pleasant to hear you had fabulous holidays 🤗💞😊😊😊 I wish you happy and delicious year at all 👌❤️! Btw no idea what is soft cydonia ?

      2. Cydonia has another name – Japanese quince, small plum size fruits with hard sour flesh, could be dried. Depending on the freshness of the crop they can be softer and not too sour. I have special post for Christmas cake recipe with cydonia among other dried fruits. There is a photo of how it looks in the recipe. However I made some modification to the recipe, have to publish it.

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