Buckwheat Crepes Made with Pouring Cream Gluten Free

I have been making gluten free crepes for many years now. Initially, I used OrgraN gluten free plain flour, then switched to Well and Good plain flour that gave better texture and taste. We considered those crepes of better taste compared to those ones made from regular flour. Gluten free crepes have more gentle texture which is strong enough too withstand using crepes to make parcels with different fillings. We like ours with chicken and vegetable coarse pate with hard boiled eggs. However, even best quality gluten free flour mixes have an abundance of starches as the main ingredient. As tasty as they are, their nutritional value is questionable. For some consumers the presence of highly processed ingredients and gums can be a problem as well. In light of all of the above, buckwheat flour  is the prime candidate for gluten free crepes that are wholegrain, with single flour  as dry ingredient, and are without gums or any other additives. Bio-Oz gluten free buckwheat flour has specific characteristics that needed to be taken into consideration to make full proof and reliable recipe for crepes, easy to prepare without any problems.

Usually I make crepes batter with eggs and milk and grease my crepes pan with butter every time, or every second time I do the frying. I do not like to add oils to batter as, in my personal opinion, it slightly changes the taste. This time I decided to add fat to the batter in the form of pouring cream. It allowed to eliminate greasing the pan, and as a side bonus advanced the taste as well.

We like our crepes folded as triangles and served with icing sugar and homemade fruit puree or reduced sugar jam. Savoury options include crepes with cottage or cream cheese or parcels with different fillings. Crepes parcels are a handy option as they can be stored refrigerated and reheated by frying before serving.


for 8-10 thin crepes, depending of crepes pan size 

  • 70 g Bio-Oz buckwheat flour (different brand buckwheat flour may need adjusted flour quantity)
  • 1 large egg
  • 200 g/ml  milk
  • 100 g pouring pure cream (no additives, gums or stabilisers)
  • 1 tea spoon of sugar
  • sea salt to taste


You have to season the batter well, compared to batters based on commercial gluten free flour mixes, that are already seasoned.


  • place buckwheat flour, salt, sugar and an egg into a wide bowl
  • add poring cream
  • combine ingredients with a whisk
  • add milk
  • let the batter rest for 10-15 minutes
  • grease crepes frying pan with butter for the first crepe
  • poor the batter on a hot pan
  • fry on medium heat
  • mix the batter each time before you pour it into the pan

The first crepe preparation on greased frying pan

Subsequent crepes preparation on dry frying pan

Depending on the thickness of crepes you want to obtain, this batter can be further diluted with water in ratio at least 3 parts of batter to 1 part of water.

  • to make crepes parcel place the filling in the centre and fold the edges in
  • crepes parcels had to be reheated by frying before serving

Crepes parcels are excellent as takeaway lunch or snack, especially for young children. You do not need cutlery, they are finger food, their size can be adjusted to kids age, they are easy to bite in and chew and, what is most important, they are a balanced meal with protein, fat and carbs from wholegrains and vegetables. As everything is cooked crepes will survive several hours even in hot weather.

Bon appetite!

5 thoughts on “Buckwheat Crepes Made with Pouring Cream Gluten Free

    1. Some types of buckwheat flour tend to stick to the pan unless you work out the ratio dry to wet ingredients and also fat content in batter.

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